Kundalini Awakening- Symptoms and Information

There is a physical force called kundalini which is responsible for initiating and facilitating the process of spiritual growth and evolution in our bodies. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning “circular power” and best describes the activity of that force upon and within our bodies. The kundalini energy rises from the base of your tailbone up the central vertical energy channel of your body and nourishes the whole organism through energy channels called nadis, meridians and chakras.

Nadis and meridians are energy pathways worked on by acupuncturists and Reiki practitioners which nourish and energize our body and it’s cells with chi, prana or life force energy. The seven main chakras run up the center of the body along the central vertical column and are like vortexes of energy that spiral in and out, while pulling a channel of energy through itself in a circular motion. The management and direction of the energy being sucked through the chakras happens along pathways existing over the whole body. Although, there are scores of small chakras along the body in various locations the seven largest ones are of most importance when familiarizing yourself with the reality and function of kundalini and the human chakras system.

Kundalini is an evolutionary force present within the Earth and it is available to all creatures living on her surface via the chakra system and energy channels which exist on the etheric plane and interpenetrate our astral and physical bodies forming a connective network of energy channeling. The etheric complex makes the life force energy available to the organs and cells on the physical level and also channel subtle and emotional energies along the pathways. With my spiritual gifts I may perceive information regarding the health of your astral body and I may do this using my clairvoyance to identify apparent blocks, leaks and the like in your aura. When there are blocks, or holes in your energy system your organs and limbs may get sick and the emotional and mental body can also feel fragmented and disturbed. In this way even mental imbalances may be able to be “seen” with the inner vision as a manifestation in the etheric body of the energy disturbance.

It is the kundalini that initiates and facilitates spiritual awakening as it rises from the sacral chakra at the base of your tailbone all the way up out the top of your head from your crown chakra like a fountain. The kundalini rises through the body cleansing and releasing karma, while aiding with the incarnation or realization of the higher self or preparing you for the birth of your body of light. Kundalini is not properly understood by western practitioners of medicine yet and as a result many people are misdiagnosed with mental illness and physical disease due to an ignorance regarding the awakening and kundalini process.

When the rising of kundalini is initiated purposefully with intention or via some technique it is said to be voluntary. When a person who is uneducated about the existence of kundalini experiences the results of it without having the desire for it or soliciting it in anyway than it is said to be an “involuntary” release of kundalini. Involuntary kundalini awakening can be highly traumatic for the uneducated person experiencing it and can develop into physical illness and mental illness if not properly managed.

You may experience kundalini awakening as a physical energy being ignited at the bottom of the spine and rising up it; you may even perceive that it wriggles up it like a snake. You may be filled with creative energy, physical energy, sexual excitement, sudden increase in physical, mental, emotional and psychic abilities and spontaneous healing. The shadow side of kundalini rising is the potential for undesirable side effects when the energetic pathways are blocked and our mental structures are rigid. The negative side effects can include: aches and flu like symptoms, fatigue, anxiety, rapid heart beat and fluttering, confusion and delusional ideas, paranoia and psychosis, bi-polar type personality symptoms, poor or increased appetite, brittle hair and nails, fear you are going crazy, etc. Luckily, when we understand the process of kundalini awakening and have the proper information and support available to us during a bad kundalini experience it doesn’t have to last long or be that bad. When people experience these symptoms without any reference for the experience the possibility of long term mental illness ensues.

The kundalini addresses all layers of the individual and if the person is not properly cleansed or if there is a presence of improper energy patterns and negativity it could get clogged or even be perceived as painful. If there are no major complications and you release a lot of layers at once, you may be in a wonderful state for days, weeks or more. You may find new physical strength, health, mental understandings, self growth and renewal on many levels. Many people experience the presence of such a state for some time and then it can subside to depression at some point afterward when things seem dull again. Once, you begin the process of kundalini release it cannot be undone. Releasing kundalini is like peeling back limitations around the body and mind and witnessing magical, new growth occurring from within.

The worst effects result in noticeable multiple personalities, obvious psychosis, distortion of memory and vasolate between brilliance and dullness or suffer from unexplainable and complicated fears. These severe results usually happen to people with a history of psychological trauma and have very little resources or support from others during their processes. Involuntary kundalini rising can also be triggered by a tailbone injury, excessive meditation. excessive sexual practices, using certain drugs, trauma, grief and excessive fears. With more education, it is my belief that more of these people could be healed completely from their apparent mental states of illness. Perhaps, one day we will see efforts in the medical community to educate one another more about the topic in America and research funded which would support the wisdom and truth known by the ancients. For a general understanding of kundalini rising and the information discussed above I highly recommend the book “Evolution in this Lifetime a Practical Guide: Kundalini and the Chakras” by Genevieve Lewis Paulson.

Another book that I highly recommend on the subject of kundalini and more specifically the 7 chakra system is “Eastern Body, Western Mind” by: Anodea Judith. This book covers a lot of great information concerning each chakra and what physical, mental and emotional issues must be addressed regarding each one to experience health. Dr. Judith also gives many different suggestions for various techniques regarding working with your chakra system and your whole self during your journey to self health and whole person wellness.
~ Peace, Tu’Image

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