MILAB “Intergalactic Star Language” Examples


Yesterday, I wrote a note about my experiences with real star language which comes from the heart in order to aid in our healing and transformation. I also talked a bit about the dangers of some written star language being marketed as legitimate tools to achieve ascension. In order to be very clear, I have taken a picture of the star language symbols I am aware of as being used to program MILAB and other mind control victims. There are several programs related to false invasion scenarios, for which innocent victims were abducted and installed with military mind control programming in order to fulfill their roles. The first time I ever got a Reiki treatment I remember the girl performing it on me was very startled and upset by what she called “alien language” overwhelming her clairvoyance. At the time I did not understand my status as an MILAB and didn’t know what to make of it, I simply assumed it had something to do with my benevolent ET contact that I was aware of. Anyway, 8 years and over 20 personalities later, I understand what was happening to me and realize how serious a topic this stuff really is and how dangerous it is to have no discernment regarding the reality of these programs. In order to aid justice I have decided to share these images of MILAB star language programming symbols being used on victims of projects like Operation Blue Beam, Green star and the like. If you see these images on materials being marketed as spiritual items, be very cautious and really listen to your internal guidance- not anyone or any being outside yourself. True discernment comes from within, from your spirit. Also if you meet any beings in the astral or personally who try to use these images to communicate, please immediately use your personal method of protection and banishment against the sender of such codes and reunify with your ancestors and personal family of light to find protection and support. Namaste~




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