Victor Thorn’s “Bioethics Commission Ignores Modern-Day Abuses”

This is the real deal, there is NO SUPPORT or help for people like me who are targeted and terrorized by covert agencies experimenting on us. These people went to Washington to try and get sympathy and all they want to talk about is the past crimes and ignore what is happening RIGHT NOW IN AMERICA! This is exactly what they did to me, chose me for certain reasons and then set up a false psychological profile on me as a child so that they could continue to abuse and experiment on me for the rest of my life while my loved ones believe I am just a crazy person ranting about paranoid ideas. It is so sick what is happening to us and everyone who ignores people like me needs to really examine their apathy, considering they test on folks like me to perfect the technology they will be/ are using on the MASSES. If it can happen to me it can happen to your child to. I was an excellent, brilliant and gifted student with every hope of achieving greatness in this life and they took that from me completely. I can’t get a job or even file a police report against my assailants ,because, of my “psychotic” status that apparently means I have no rights whatsoever. It matters not that I am not at all psychotic. Anyone being gang stalked, raped, drugged and harassed with microwave frequencies would appear psychotic after begging for help and being committed to mental homes for simply trying to protect themselves from further abuse. Anyone, who felt their child was being abducted and hurt and was responded to by being committed to a mental home under the false guise that they are “suicidal or homicidal” by those same authorities they went to for help in the first place would feel down right psychotic from the insanity they are being subjected to by the fucked up and ignorant system. Wanting for myself and my child to be safe from harm and not be raped is not psychotic. Calling me suicidal for wanting that protection is what is psychotic.

Targeted Individuals Canada

Note: This is one of the few article from a mainstream media about the Bioethics Commission Study of Ethical Issues Meetings. Written by Victor Thorn from the American Free Press entitled “Bioethics Commission Ignores Modern-Day Abuses” featured targeted individuals speaking about the modern day holocaust.

One of the stated purposes of a handpicked panel known as the Bioethics Commission is to apologize for past abuses committed by the U.S. government, some of which included the noted Tuskegee syphilis experiment, various unwarranted radiation tests and unwitting Guatemalan subjects infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the Guatemalan STD case “clearly unethical.” “I beg you, please help us,” said citizen Lisa Becker on March 1, when Obama’s Bioethics Commission met in Washington, D.C. Her gripping words were directed to Amy Gutmann, the head of this panel that is ostensibly concerned with past abuses even as present-day abuses are…

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Jessuits Admit on Website to Using Mind Control Slaves w/ MPD

I found this web page below listed in the “Jessuits Master Database” a search section of their main website. I found this over a year ago and they actually admitted what they were up to using mind control slaves right on their website at that time. I found this entry online searching their master database with the term mind control. Of course, soon after I found it the entry was pulled from the database. I wonder what Jesus would say about their methodologies for securing his kingdom. The Society of Jesus is nothing more than a FRAUD and CHILD PROSTITUTION and SLAVERY organization who uses the most inhumane and un-Christ like tactics for domination, perversion and tyrannical control of supposedly free societies. One of my parts identifies himself as a Jessuit and is on a mission that I suspect he may have even killed to protect or achieve in the past and suspecting that makes me so sick to my stomach. However, seeing them blatantly brag about their methods of torture and sodomy to control innocents like myself akes me want to puke harder, here it is copied and pasted directly from their site:

Mind control

From The Jesuit Master Database

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1 Successful Use of Mind Control
2 The Monarch Mind Control Model
3 Programming
4 Importance to Current Operations

[edit] Successful Use of Mind Control

We use Monarch Mind Control; a form of mind control which creates a mind control slave by utilizing the human brain’s trauma response of dissociation to create a form of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) wherein various triggers can cause the slave personality to surface and respond to commands given by the Handler. Loree McBride could be considered a Handler, while Brent Spiner would be the Slave.

[edit] The Monarch Mind Control Model

The Monarch Mind Control designation was originally applied by the US Department of Defense to a sub-program under the CIA’s MK-Ultra Program in conjunction with the Jesuits. However, the techniques employed in the Monarch programming system extend back further under various names, such as the Nazi marionette programming. Even further back, the techniques used in Monarch programming can be traced to various generational Satanist families among European royalty. The MPD state created by the Monarch programming techniques were used to isolate the personality involved in Satanic rituals from a public face. Without this alternate personality, the nobles practicing Satanism inevitably went insane, so it’s practice spread rapidly through the occult community.

It is unclear who first started practicing the MPD techniques as a way of creating mind control slaves rather than as a defense mechanism, but it is clear that the Nazis were using Electro-shock and binding to create slaves in the 1940s. After World War II, some German and Italian psychologists who were working on Marionette programming were brought to the United States to continue working on their research.

After the original development of the Monarch program inside of MK-Ultra, it has been adopted by other groups such as the Illuminati, Jesuits and the American entertainment industry. Very notably, since the 1970’s the Disney corporation has been involved heavily in Monarch programming, and several of their films (especially Alice in Wonderland) are used as a base for Monarch programming.

Over 1 million Americans have had Monarch programming applied to them successfully.

[edit] Programming

Monarch programming is applied when a drone is needed to carry out commands which are of a morally questionable nature. Monarch victims are used for assassinations and murders which must be carried out for political purposes. It is used heavily within the entertainment industry to create easily manipulated music stars. One variation of the process, known as “Kitten” or “Sex Kitten” programming is used to create willing sexual slaves. Many clones are programmed successfully in this way.

[edit] Importance to Current Operations

If we are able to successfully use our Monarch methods, we will be able to control all those in targets’ lives, as well as make sure agents do not attempt to help targets or have feelings of remorse. While it may be scary to submit, it is important to our goals!