Nazi- Zionist Satanic Ritual Abuse

This Phillip Bernhard is my bloodline family too and my testimony is very similar to this woman’s except that my family and I were also used in intelligence operations against our will like slaves too. It was NASA and Freemasons in my town who were our major handlers as well, so I can back this woman up she is telling the truth as difficult as it is to believe, this is how our present society is “governed” through systematic abuse, blackmail and shame..



NSA Mind Control and Religious Programming


From: (Abemarf)
Newsgroups: alt.mindcontrol
Subject: The NSA and Mind Control–Pt. 2
Date: 20 Aug 1999 08:53:59 GMT

9.Through the years, I have met thousands of people that have been brainwashed
into Christianity to a level where God tells them what to do in their minds
(described as a gentle voice by victims) and they mindlessly obey. Yes, they
have “Friends inside their heads” also. It appears the Biblical Anti-Christ in
the Book of Revelations has arrived and is convincing many subjects that Jesus
is back on earth and directing them.

1.The following procedural outline documents typical techniques, processes,
explanations, and definitions of the National Security Agency’s Behavioral
Modification Procedure using Subliminal Implanted Posthypnotic Suggestions
through acoustically delivered phonetically edited language elements combined
into scripts without somnambulistic preparation in the subject. 2.In simpler
terms, the subject is unknowingly given hypnosis while the subject is
completely awake and is tortured and punished with this hypnosis into a
predetermined behavior by the National Security Agency. The behavior is usually
extremely religious, is called “reborn” by the church, with the subject’s
life-long goal of “a personal relationship with Jesus Christ”.

1.ABSTRACT, Behavioral Modification:
1.The NSA’s behavioral modification process starts with identification and
qualification of the subject. The NSA used to choose subjects based on the
subject’s net present value to the agency in public visibility, financial
resources, political clout, or other intelligence and counter-intelligence
reasons. Additional considerations are given to minimizing security risks of
exposure, the subject’s posthypnotic suggestibility index, the subject’s
intelligence and reasoning ability, moral and superstitious beliefs, and the
subject’s social status and the weakness of the subject’s primary support
groups (family). Now a recent report referenced in the March 26th Business
section of the Orange County Register from the National Sleep Foundation
reports that 40% of Americans are experiencing sleeping problems. This news
could indicate that the NSA is broadening its influence to the greater public.
As explained below in this document, the NSA always starts its behavioral
modification process with REM Deprivation. 2.After selection, the subject is
subjected to long periods of REM Sleep Deprivation and reinforced torturing
posthypnotic suggestions that will breakdown the subject’s will, confidence,
self-reliance, and moral values. Meanwhile, the subject is increasingly
isolated from their familiar and trusted peer groups causing the subject to
experience depression, apathy, and ultimately social and financial failure.
3.Typical post-hypnotic induced delusions reported by subjects are tingling in
various areas of the body, which are thought to be resulting from microwave
beams. Hearing ticks thumps or cracks from walls, ceilings, clocks, lights,
etc. Beliefs that the subject’s neighbors are conspiring against them, or that
the subject is being followed. Sometimes subjects believe that the various
perceptions, feelings and experiences are the result of “Implants” in their
body. It is important for the subjects to understand that the NSA controls this
technology from nuclear hardened underground shelters and the neighbors next
door have nothing to do with the subject’s experiences. Nobody has the time or
inclination to follow a subject around with a microwave gun to tickle various
parts of the body. We are saturated with microwaves all the time from
television stations, communication satellites, etc and yet we do not have any
symptoms because microwaves do not have the ability to trigger localized
synaptic responses in our brains. Furthermore, when the subject is in a room
surrounded by several people, and the subject is the only one experiencing the
“thoughts”, tingling feelings, etc., then obviously a delivery method is being
employed that affects only the subject; high-speed acoustic delivered hypnosis.
4.After a while, the subject has an emotional breakdown and a new support group
is built around the subject. The new support group is typically a church with
doctrines centered in the Bible but the NSA also uses cults and other social
groups. The NSA prefers Christian churches because the doctrines allow “God or
Jesus to speak directly to the subject” and the negative reinforcement can be
attributed with Satan and the positive rewards can be considered to be
blessings from God thereby masking the NSA’s technology and processes. When the
NSA uses other relationships without in which the subject experiences a
religious awakening and “Gives their Life to Christ” and the NSA achieves total
control of the subject. 5.The subject is slowly released from the damaging
uncomfortable hypnosis and it is replaced with positive rewarding hypnosis as
“God and Jesus works in their life”. Soon, the subject has complete loyalty to
Jesus (AKA: NSA) and will do anything on command from Jesus (NSA). 6.The
subject is required to give daily status reports in the form of prayers in the
privacy of their home, office, or car where the NSA’s electronic surveillance
system captures and sorts the prayers by “Keywords”. The NSA then delivers
additional hypnosis in the form of punishments or rewards or directs the
subject accordingly to “God’s will”. If the subject resist’s the NSA’s
instructions, additional punishments are inflicted on the subject. 7.The
subject is institutionalized in this system where any nonconformances committed
by the subject are watched, critiqued, and reported on through prayer by other
“Christians” to the NSA. Thus, the new church peer group acts as a behavioral
reinforcing mechanism that will bring any of the subject’s problems to the NSA
as they have been trained themselves (this is similar to the Nazi Gestapo of
World War 2 and other communist approaches). 8.A subject that has successfully
completed the NSA’s behavioral modification program lives out the rest of their
mediocre life in service to Jesus (NSA) and never causes any waves in the
church or news media for fear of reprisal from the NSA. The subject’s lives are
relatively unproductive because their focus is on their “Life after death” and
not what they accomplish while they are alive. They avoid “worldly activities”,
and usually are confused and disjointed in rational thoughts and concepts. For
instance, they don’t believe in anything that is not in the Bible, i.e.
dinosaurs, evolution, space travel, even though they ride on airplanes and
watch television both of which are not referenced in the Bible.

1.Triggering Techniques:
1.The NSA minimizes security risks by using multiple posthypnotic delivery
techniques for applying negative reinforcement into the subject. The patterns
fall into three major categories; real-time deliveries, prescheduled deliveries
via a preprogrammed computer, and posthypnotic or “conditional” deliveries. The
NSA does not use real-time transmitted posthypnotic commands exclusively
because the subject might recognize when the NSA was not actively watching
causing a security concern and it would be cost prohibitive to baby-sit the
subject 24 hours a day. 2.Behavioral modification generally occurs fastest when
using negative reinforcement continuously. It is not practical or economical to
watch a subject continuously to apply real time deliveries. Additionally, using
all three script delivery patterns confuses the subject, causes the subject to
believe they are always being watched, and maximizes behavioral change over
time though continuous pressure.
2.Real-Time Subconscious Implant Delivery:
1.Real-time means that the NSA ODO is transmitting the posthypnotic command
script to the subject and observing the subject’s response. This technique is
required for subliminal interrogations. All NSA standard posthypnotic command
scripts can be delivered real-time. This form of delivery can precipitate the
perception of a “voice” heard in the mind of a subject to give them information
(true or false) or orders depending on the purpose of the NSA’s activities.
3.Prescheduled Subconscious Implant Delivery:
1.The NSA central switching computer can transmit a script to a specified
subject at a pre-specified time. The transmitted script’s transmission range
can be limited to a single building, a city, or a large geographical area (i.e.
North America or Europe). By having prescheduled scripts, the subject has
seemingly randomly occurring thoughts and feelings that can’t be associated
with a commonly recurring situation like event-triggered scripts precipitate.
4.Event-Triggered (conditional) Implant Delivery:
1.Posthypnotic subconscious implants that are triggered (activated) with an
event, thought, or code word (event-triggered or conditional) are strongly
experienced by the subject and are powerful tools for reinforcing a
predetermined desired behavior and inflicting delusions. 2.This type of
posthypnotic commands are the ones most commonly used by hypnotherapists to
help people quit smoking, study better, or in general, change behavior
(behavioral modification). There is extensive information on the Internet and
college libraries about this form of posthypnotic command delivery and how to
“script” and use them. 3.The NSA can reinforce a predetermined desired behavior
by associating a subconscious implant (negative or positive reinforcement) with
an event. An example is that when the NSA want’s to isolate the subject from
the company of a specific person place or thing, the subject will be implanted
with a feeling of increased anxiety, hostility, tension, simple discomfort, or
a feeling of a lack of peace. When the subject leaves the person, place, or
thing, another posthypnotic implant is triggered that rewards the subject’s
behavior with a feeling of relief from the anxiety, hostility, tension,
discomfort, and peace is restored in the subject’s mind. Example: This script
will always cause a girl or boy not to sleep with the opposite sex: “You will
feel very tense and not be able to relax if you kiss, sleep with, or stay long
at your (boy or girl) friend’s house and you will feel a deep peace when you
leave their house to go back home”. These types of scripts left unmanaged and
not removed can cause great harm as the subject develops and social conditions
and behaviors change over time. 4.It should be noted that the NSA precisely
tailors the type of negative and/or positive reinforcement, the degree of the
reinforcement, the duration of the reinforcing effect and the conditions of the
trigger. This posthypnotic event-triggered reinforcement can be initiated
gradually and can remain so subtle that the subject believes that the
discomfort is naturally occurring and that it is the subject’s decision
uninfluenced by anyone else that the subject should avoid the person, place or
thing. 5.This subconscious implant can be combined with other implants like a
posthypnotic-triggered thought to enhance the subject’s decision toward the
situation. For example the subject can be subconsciously implanted with a
command to be very sensitive to the changes in their feelings and to feel great
about making strong decisions to take charge of their lives. This can be
reinforced with another posthypnotic suggestion to avoid all the situations
that cause the subject discomfort and that each time the subject commits
himself/herself to removing a situation of this kind in their lives, they will
feel an increasing control over their lives. Note that as the subject perceives
an increasing control over their lives they are actually losing control to the
NSA proportionately. Numerous other examples exist and it is beyond the scope
of this document to document every possibility.
5.Stage 1 (Prescreen Evaluation):
1.The subject’s Posthypnotic Suggestibility Index is determined by a series of
simple tests. Hypnoamnesia is applied to the subject for the name of an object
or individual and the subject’s speed is timed to determine how quickly they
can overcome or not overcome the posthypnotic suggestion “You will not be able
to remember the name of “____” no matter how hard you try. Other posthypnotic
suggestions can be used to create fear or discomfort in the subject that can be
remedied by flight or movement. The subject must overcome a posthypnotic
suggestion that they cannot move no matter how hard they try. In summary, a
posthypnotic suggestion is given to the subject and the subject’s ability to
overcome it is evaluated. 2.A full study of the subject’s religious,
superstitions, fears, and insecurities is made through standard subliminal
interrogation techniques and behavioral observation. 3.Interrogation scenarios
are presented to the subject using standard subliminal interrogation techniques
and somnambulistic interrogation techniques. The standard two types of
scenarios are “Open-ended Questions” (similar to multiple choice with response
labels pre-assigned to each choice) or “Reject if Disagreeable” (negative
response label if the subject disagrees). More advanced techniques of
interrogation scenarios are used as required or as determined by the experience
of the ODO. 4.Real-time observation, standard subliminal interrogation
techniques and somnambulistic interrogation techniques are used to determine
the subject’s overall social status, abilities, attitudes, and communication
skills with primary support groups and friends. 5.Scientific understanding and
practical applications experience in the fields of psychology, hypnosis,
pharmacology, and problem analysis are considered risks in the subject that may
complicate or inhibit subsequent behavioral modification processes. Once the
subject identifies the technology used it is nearly impossible to contain the
potential security breach without terminating the subject. Most NSA initiated
executions (suicides) are the result of the subject identifying the technology
used or carelessness on the part of the ODO managing the file. 6.The NSA
technology affords powerful control over the subject, the subject’s
environment, and the subject’s ability to plan and implement a disclosure to
appropriate Government Agencies. When the subject finally does achieve a
disclosure, the subject’s physical and mental condition is depleted. The
subject’s ability to communicate concisely has been arrested, and the subject
has already been set up and dishonored in the sight of local and federal law
enforcement agencies to assure the subject’s testimony is questionable and
unsubstantiated. Where the NSA feels that these steps cannot be achieved in
medium risk subjects, the NSA will not recruit the subject into the behavioral
modification process.
6.Stage 2 (Standard Process):
1.This stage is where most subjects are behaviorally modified to serve and
follow “God” (AKA NSA management of the subject’s civil rights). If the subject
accepts religion and direction at this stage the NSA reinforces the subject’s
relationship with Jesus and closes the file. This shortened program receives
the maximum return for the NSA for the least investment and minimizes the
security risk. It also causes the least amount of damage and
institutionalization in the subject.
1.Coincidence is used to create the perception in the subject that supernatural
events are beginning in the subject’s life. A combination of posthypnotic
commands and pre-information awarded to the subject prior to an upcoming
experience that the NSA intelligence system has discovered gives the subject a
feeling that “God” or some other supernatural being is taken interest in their
life. 2.The following is one typical technique used by the NSA. NSA
Intelligence gathers information regarding the topic of the sermon in the
subject’s church. This information is gathered through electronic surveillance
equipment installed in the church. The NSA then implants a posthypnotic command
that triggers the subject’s mind into concern and contemplation about the
sermon’s topic prior to going to church. When the subject hears the sermon, the
sermon seems to be speaking directly to the subject that adds to God’s
mysterious and unexplainable ability to address the innermost concerns of the
subject, especially when the subject has not shared those concerns with any
other human being. 3.Another typical method used by NSA concerns tragic events
occurring to loved ones. NSA Intelligence receives a local broadcast or
preliminary information through electronic surveillance that a subject’s
relative has been injured or killed. The subject is given a posthypnotic
suggestion that a feeling of dread or loss is welling up inside them and they
are directed to think of that particular loved one. When they are finally
notified through official channels, the subject believes that they have special
powers, insights, or communications from God, aliens, or other entities.
3.REM Sleep Deprivation:
1.The Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep is controlled and usually limited
to one to two cycles per night resulting in micro-sleeps during the day. REM
deprivation inhibits short-term memory, concentration, tactile abilities,
verbal articulation, reasoning, and self will. Protein synthesis is inhibited
and thereby reduces the subject’s ability to heal after physical damage or
after periods of extensive exercise. The result is that the subject’s general
health degrades as does social bonds and work/school performance. 2.The NSA
performs control of REM Sleep through various methods. Posthypnotic implants
can be implanted that place a subject in a light sleep (posthypnotic trance)
with various combinations of muscular tension and computer cycling implant
deliveries (to be discussed later). 3.Subjects typically complain of no sleep,
restless sleep, waking up every hour on the hour, staying awake until the hour
they have to get up, waking up an hour after they retire and not returning to
sleep, and typically cannot recall any dreams. Additionally, they will complain
of repeating torturing thoughts, racing thoughts, and facial itching and
numbness. Daily fatigue, poor recall of names, and caffeine consumption is
typical. 4.Dark rings’ surrounding the eyes is evident and the darkened area
around the eyes can be reported as sore or tender by the subject. The subtle
perceptual impairing effects of REM deprivation make it more difficult for the
subject to identify the REM Deprivation problem. When the REM depravation
onslaught is gradual and accompanied by a posthypnotic command that the subject
“will feel energetic and rested”, the subject will not recognize the REM
Deprivation. Additional posthypnotic commands can be implanted that will make
it difficult for the subject to “see or perceive” the rings surrounding their
eyes. I have seen many subjects with very dark eye rings and the subjects could
not recognize them at all.
4.Shame Factor Enhancement:
1.Various posthypnotic suggestions are implanted in the subject after a week or
so long period of REM deprivation. The content of the posthypnotic scripts is
constructed to cause the subject to perform embarrassing and otherwise shameful
acts (usually sexual but always anti-social). These shameful behaviors are used
by the NSA later to shame the person into a lower self esteem, reduced
confidence in their own self discipline, a need for forgiveness from God. These
embarrassments provide a means to Blackmail or discredit the subject if the NSA
is detected and otherwise threatened by the subject. 2.The NSA will always use
another law enforcement agency to document the behavioral discrepancy to retain
anonymity. The NSA has been known to help subjects avoid prosecution to gain
loyalty or create an adversarial relationship between the acting agency and the
subject (another intimidation factor) even though the NSA was responsible for
creating the behavioral problem in the subject’s life.
5.Religious Relevance and Convictions:
1.The NSA typically implants posthypnotic suggestions that are clearly
referenced in the Bible. The subject may be punished (through negative
reinforcement) by anything that is referenced in the Bible to substantiate the
validity of the “Word of God”. When the NSA does not follow the standard
Biblical references, most subjects fail to recognize the contradictions out of
ignorance or an inability to rationalize, or, they find other ways to justify
the events to receive peace from God (NSA). This component of the NSA process
is to provide the subject with an increased sense of fear and intimidation
resulting from God’s presence and force. “Thou shall not disobey God”.

[My footnote, C.P.: If any of the above is true, it certainly violates
separation of Church and State.]

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From: (Abemarf)
Newsgroups: alt.mindcontrol
Subject: The NSA and Mind Control–Pt. 3
Date: 20 Aug 1999 08:59:29 GMT

1.Paranoia is a powerful tool used by the NSA. It provides a means to develop
the subject’s distrust of other people including the subject’s primary group
that could provide positive support during this time of distress in the
subject’s life. Paranoia is often recognized and discounted as a character
fault by most peoples in American society and therefore discredits the
subject’s testimony even further. Uninformed, but well wishing people including
friends, may recommend to the subject to pursue counseling. This negative
feedback can make the subject fear that people will believe the subject is
crazy. 2.When the subject seeks professional counseling, the result will be a
misdiagnosis with an expensive, inappropriate and ineffective treatment. The
observed symptoms result from simply hypnosis, not biological, chemical, or
environmental stresses. A misdiagnosis strongly motivates the subject not to
communicate their experiences to others to avoid social disgrace of a
“schizophrenia” label and additional financial burden. This isolation of the
subject and their reluctance to communicate their experience to others reduces
NSA security risk. The NSA cannot allow the subject to share information with
other subjects that have already experienced the program and thereby starting a
pool of information that could be compiled and used to expose the NSA system.
3.The subject is led to believe that the subject’s neighbors, work associates
and/or family are conspiring against the subject through a number of scripts
delivered to the subject by the NSA. The NSA can further complicate the
conspiracy delusion by using the same technology to have a work associate ask
the subject a question or to make a comment that can be used by the NSA to
confirm the subjects fears. This technique further isolates the subject from
trusting their peer groups, causes additional emotional distress and hostility
toward these people. The subject sometimes resorts to violent behavior, which
is viewed by observers as irrational, unprovoked behavior that may be treated
as criminal behavior by law enforcement personnel.

7.Stage 3 (Extreme Process):
1.This method is very severe and usually results in a two to five year program.
Because of the severity of the suffering, the subject is usually permanently
impaired for integration into normal mainstream life and is essentially
institutionalized. The result is that the subject must reside in a less
competitive environment like a church group. Subjects that receive this program
tend to be highly superstitious, are agitated easily when objective evidence
that contradicts their belief system is presented. They tend to believe in the
spiritual world (demons, ghosts, god, spiritual entities, etc) and consider the
spiritual world to be more powerful and important than the material or real
world. This program basically follows the following steps; REM deprivation,
breakdown of self esteem and confidence, intense suffering, exaggerated
conscience, spiritual contact, reborn in Jesus Christ, Spiritual battle,
release (saved by the Savior), and recovering (blessed by Jesus Christ).
Whenever possible the NSA will skip or reduce these steps to minimize security
risk and financial cost. 2.Increasing Dependence on Drugs and Alcohol:
1.As the REM Deprivation increases the subject must depend on Central Nervous
System (CNS) Stimulants to compensate for degradation of productivity at work,
school, and in interpersonal relationships. This serves the NSA in several
ways. Use of drugs (especially CNS stimulants) increases the subject’s index of
suggestibility. Or in other words, the post hypnotic commands are more
effective and the subject has greater difficulty resisting the impulses
generated by the commands. In addition, the increased stress of coping with the
drugs in conjunction with the resisting the newly introduced posthypnotic
commands serves to push the subject closer to an emotional breakdown. If the
subject uses illegal drugs, the NSA tries to set the subject up for a
conviction to get assure that the subject looses credibility. Who would believe
a drug user that claimed that he/she was being harassed by a government agency
that was tormenting them with hypnosis? It also serves the NSA in the program
by documenting something that the subject will be ashamed of when the program
reaches the exaggerated conscience stage. 2.Alcohol, sleeping pills and other
medications also inhibit REM Stage sleep and increase irritability over time
thereby further degrading and isolating the subject. 3.In summary, the NSA
benefits from the subject responding to the REM Deprivation assault with
self-medication. This response discredits the subject by labeling them in
society as a drug user, it enhances the effect of the implanted posthypnotic
commands and it gives the subject a reason for shame that will be used against
the subject later to justify the punishment from “God”. It should be noted that
the subject is not really guilty of anything, except being a victim that was
manipulated in a carefully controlled scientific behavior modification process.

3.Poor Nutrition:
1.The poor nutrition reduces the energy the subject has and serves later as
another justification of God’s punishment. The subject will be taught later
that “the body is the temple” and that to abuse it is to violate God’s will.
1.After the subject’s self-esteem is broken down and continuing failure and
persistent suffering start to dominate every day, the individual becomes
apathetic as a defense mechanism. At this stage the subject has committed
another sin of “not persevering through faith” which is later used on the
subject later to increase a feeling of guilt.
1.Depression precipitates as a result of chronic REM Sleep Deprivation, social
isolation and a feeling of helplessness in the subject. Commonly, when the
subject seeks professional counseling, they are misdiagnosed and treated for
depression with medications but the root cause of the problem (negative
reinforcing posthypnotic suggestions inflicted over long periods of time) is
not treated or corrected.
1.The subject starts to experience severe insecurity in this stage. The NSA
uses this insecurity against the subject in several ways. Because of the
impaired reasoning ability and emotional isolation, the subject is susceptible
to the approaches of insincere people, which are used by the NSA to emotionally
hurt the subject more. This allows the NSA to convince the subject that people
can’t be trusted and that only the NSA (Jesus) can be trusted. This serves to
isolate the subject from supportive peer groups and makes the subject
emotionally dependent on the NSA resulting in the NSA gaining more power in the
subject’s life.
7.Journals and Diaries:
1.Most of the subjects are directed to keep a “Journal” or diary by the NSA so
that the subject can record and review feelings, events, observations, and
“God’s directions” that normally would be unavailable due to short term memory
loss during extended periods of REM Deprivation. The NSA uses the Subject’s
Journals in a variety of ways.
8.Degrading Spelling and Grammatical Performance:
1.Subjects in these prolonged stages of REM deprivation, confusion, and
emotional distress, have very poor grammar, spelling, and short attention
9.Slowed Speech:
1.Subjects experience slower speech and have a greater time articulating
concise points as a result of the REM Deprivation and other performance
degrading posthypnotic commands. Very slight alcohol consumption can exasperate
the damage of REM Deprivation and precipitate slurred speech.
1.Confusion results from three primary sources; REM Deprivation, specific
posthypnotic commands to reinforce the confusion, and the emotional damage and
stress that is being inflicted. The confusion allows the NSA to continuously
inflict damage to the subject’s life without real-time observation. A confused
person generally is not as productive as an organized clear thinker is and has
a greater potential to offend people by what they say or do and is less likely
to recognize when they have made mistakes. All of these symptoms assist the
NSA’s objectives in this stage and subsequent stages. In addition, the
confusion restricts the individual from analyzing the source of their suffering
and taking corrective actions, and therefore reduces the NSA’s security risk.
11.Poor Concentration:
1.Difficulty concentrating impairs the subject’s productivity and restrains the
subject from making self-improvements and corrections in behavior. It makes it
very difficult for the subject to do any research or reading to evaluate
his/her condition. This paves the way for the NSA to demonstrate that the
subject cannot do anything on their own without “God”, thereby increasing the
frustration and anxiety of the subject (inducing emotional breakdown) and
ultimately making the subject totally dependant on the will of God.
12.Loose Association and Personality Disorders:
1.The subject experiences disjointed thought at this stage (Loose Association)
that appears to observers as a strange sense of humor or inappropriate
responses when engaging in conversations. Ongoing sarcasm and other negative
attitudes and undesirable personality traits can be present.
1.The way that the subject experiences anger is of profound importance. If the
subject allows the NSA to redirect the increasing anger and hostilities toward
the NSA to another person in the form of violence (misplaced aggression), the
NSA will reinforce the violent behavior with posthypnotic commands. The result
is a person that can achieve national acclaim as a murderer that heard voices
of Satan directing him/her. Typically, the Subject is encouraged to commit acts
of violence with spouses, friends, or employers resulting in further social
isolation and increased shame. Some examples of NSA directed victims of
misplaced aggression include recent US Postal Workers whom work within the
Postal Service. This is one of the vial “communication intercept” channels the
NSA is directed to monitor. The routes of suspect mail and the postal worker
processing it are continuously monitored by NSA. Sometimes the NSA ODO takes
issue with a Postal Worker and harasses them or subjects the postal worker to
behavioral modification.
1.Delusions are used to discredit the witness and also provide an additional
source for fear, intimidation and confusion. Delusions can be but are not
limited to the Subject developing conspiracy theories of fellow employees and
friends, beliefs that Angels or Demons are communicating or visiting them,
tingling sensations from microwave guns or implants, beliefs in supernatural
events, etc.
15.Audio Hallucinations:
1.Subjects often report hearing walls clicking, footsteps in the house, the
sound of someone trying to open the door, drilling at the door, etc. 2.These
audio hallucinations are also used to discredit the witness and also provide an
additional source for paranoia, fear, and negative reinforcement.
16.Voices in the Subject’s Mind:
1.The voices in the subject’s mind are achieved in a variety of ways using
real-time and prescheduled posthypnotic suggestion deliveries, and Noun
Substitution implant techniques.
1.Noun Substitution Posthypnotic Implant:
1.The subject can have a posthypnotic suggestion implanted that changes the
form of pronouns in the subject’s internal thinking. The result is the subject
perceives that someone is telling him/her to do something with nearly every
thought. An example is; the subject thinks, “I should go to church today”. With
the noun substitution posthypnotic suggestion the subject experiences the
following internal thought, “You should go to church today!” Notice that by
implanting the posthypnotic command into the subject’s subconscious mind to
think the pronoun “You” instead of “I” the subject will perceive that they are
being directed by a voice even though the majority of the internal thought
content is their own naturally occurring thought. This subconscious implant can
be used in combination with other implants to increase the subject’s perception
of threat, fear, and therefore paranoia. It can be used with other posthypnotic
suggestion implants that will give the subject the perception of either a
“good” or “evil” voice or spirit is directing him/her. This implant is powerful
because it gives the subject the perception that the spirit, angel, God or Holy
Spirit knows and directs the subject’s every thought. It provides a convincing
proof that “God knows every thought of his children”. Subjects that don’t have
a superstitious frame of reference and seek professional help are usually
misdiagnosed as schizophrenic.

17.Tinnitus (Ear Ringing):
1.Tinnitus is commonly reported by subjects harassed by the NSA and typically
has no pharmacological or biochemical basis and is produced by a posthypnotic
suggestion. It is often misdiagnosed as ringing caused by excessive aspirin use
and is actually an audio hallucination triggered by hypnosis.
18.Complete Quiet Silence:
1.Used by the NSA as a positive reinforcement for two general reasons; the
subject has the tinnitus removed to indicate that the subject has “The Lord’s
Peace Restored”, and secondly, the subject has achieved a milestone toward
being released by God (the NSA).
19.Quiet Wind:
1.The audio hallucination of a quiet wind is used to convince the subject that
the Holy Spirit is visiting him/her. An excellent example of this hallucination
combined with the fear that accompanies it is contained in Phil Collin’s lyrics
of a song that has the chorus “I can get so scared, Listen to the wind”.
20.Visual Hallucinations:
1.Visual hallucinations are usually implanted in the waking moments when a
subject is coming out of sleep or is in a somnambulatory state (light sleep)
preferably in a darkened room. The hallucinations are fleeting, usually lasting
less than one minute and are not durable. Typical hallucinations reported by
subjects are Angels, large spiders, and movement of various shadowy objects
across the ceiling, bright spot of light ahead of the subject, etc. 2.The
television show “Sightings” has had numerous reports of people seeing “Aliens”
at waking moments. These types of news accounts create confusion in US society
and serve to keep people searching for the wrong phenomenon thus keeping the
NSA’s technology secure (disinformation).
21.Tactile, Olfactory hallucinations and Muscle Spasms:
1.Tactile hallucinations can be more durable and are used to communicate a
desired direction to the subject typically after a real-time interrogation.
Typical behavioral cues issued by the NSA are manifested in the form of:
1.Temporary sensation of pressure to the tip of the right index finger
(symbolizing Faith or have Faith). 2.Temporary sensation of pressure to the tip
of the left index finger (symbolizing no Faith or “deception of Satan”).
3.Temporary sensation of pressure to the center of the right palm (symbolizing
Jesus “Sitting at the right-hand of God”). 4.Temporary sensation of pressure to
the ball of the right foot (symbolizing “Get on the Ball” or “hurry-up”).
5.Temporary sensation of pressure to the tip of the right foot big toe
(symbolizing “Right Direction”). 6.Temporary sensation of pressure to the tip
of the right foot center toe (symbolizing “Fucking-up Direction”). 7.Temporary
sensation of pressure to the tip of the left foot big toe (symbolizing “Wrong
Direction”). 8.Temporary sensation of pressure to the buttocks (symbolizing
“Bad Attitude” or “subject is acting like an ass”). 9.Temporary sensation of
pressure on tip of penis or clitoris (symbolizes immoral thoughts like subject
is thinking/acting with his penis or her clitoris). 10.Temporary sensation of
pressure to the left ear drum (symbolizing “do not listen”). 11.Temporary
sensation of pressure to the right ear drum (symbolizing “listen”). 12.An
involuntary blink of the right or left eye (symbolizing: right eye = God’s
agreement or left eye = Satan’s agreement). 13.Temporary tingling sensation on
the Testicles (symbolizing insufficient male confidence or “Having no balls or
strength”). 14.Temporary tingling on other areas of the body to imply that
something invisible and/or supernatural is touching the subject. May be
perceived as threatening or reassuring to the subject. Can be used to
intimidate and confuse the subject often times combined with additional
posthypnotic implants to inflict delusions like “being attacked with
microwaves” or being caressed by Angels. 15.Muscular spasm or perceived
pressures near the jugular vein on right side of neck (symbolizing Satan having
subject by Jugular or throat). This is used to inflict fear and doubt.
16.Muscular spasms are sometimes used to inflict severe pain on the subject by
causing extreme involuntary contraction of the sphincter in the anal region or
other lower back or leg muscles. 17.Perceived odor sensation of a thick, sweet
smell (symbolizing Satan’s sweet victory over the subject’s soul).

9.This section is written in an attempt to provide interested individuals with
some of the considerations and precautions when seeking to demonstrate the
NSA’s civil rights abuses by demonstrating the effectiveness and concepts of
subliminal access using Subliminal Implanted Posthypnotic Suggestions and
Scripts Using Acoustically Delivered and Phonetically Accelerated Posthypnotic
Commands without Somnambulistic Preparation in the Subject.

1.Reverse engineering of the NSA’s technology to prove it’s abuses against the
American people is quite difficult. Consider the following. 2.If the scientists
and technicians perform their research in a facility that the NSA has the
standard transceivers installed, and therefore the NSA can influence the
direction of research or the data by effecting perceptual effects in the
researchers. These perceptual effects can be confusion, lack of attention to
important details, oversights, bad assumptions, incorrect interpretation of the
test data. These same misperceptions will also be incorporated into the
research test subjects. The technology cannot be developed and optimized if the
NSA has any access to the test subjects. The test scripts given to the test
subject delivered from the researcher can be neutralized by the NSA delivering
a canceling script immediately after the researcher’s script. The NSA’s test
script can also include a hypnoamnesia script at the end to cancel any residual
perception in the subject so that the test subject would report no effects and
the researcher would conclude the test script had no effect. 3.The research
must be carried out in a facility secured from all NSA electronic intrusion.
All equipment in the facility must be TEMPEST protected and electrically
isolated from the outside world. The research personnel and their subjects must
never leave the secured area of the facility so that they cannot be
subliminally interrogated by the NSA. The NSA would take this opportunity to
deliver disinformation scripts to the subject or researcher. Foodstuffs and
supplies would be the logical choice of NSA intrusion if all other security
measures were effective against the NSA. 4.The NSA will exploit all
opportunities to introduce microscopic transceivers into the facility of it’s
surrounding grounds. The minimal requirements for the NSA to take control of
the research are:
1.NSA audio delivery (a micro receiver with a micro speaker) 2.Visibility of
the targets (researcher or test subject) to capture response labels during
subliminal interrogations. This can be through normal illumination or infrared
to see through window, or millimeter wave or other technologies that can see
through barriers like walls and ceilings. 3.Audible response labels can be used
if the NSA has a micro receiver with a micro speaker inside but cannot get a
transmitter in and operating without detection. Sneezes, coughs, clearing of
throat that can be picked up by laser microphones, audible amplification
microphones, etc. can also be used as response labels.

5.The NSA currently has satellites with millimeter wave technology that will
allow visible intrusion into most facilities. The test facilities should be
deep underground, AKA 1000 feet with no adjacent access from other facilities,
sewer lines, water lines or power conduits etc.

6.Any facilities existing will have to be debugged before habitation and
research begins. 7.Subjects must be able to be subjected to traditional
hypnosis after facility habitation as a test prior to research to assure that
the NSA has minimal scripts already implanted.

8.This technology is the highest level of intelligence gathering for the USA.
The abuses resulting from mismanagement of this area of the NSA’s intelligence
system must force Congress to legislate additional laws to protect the
citizens. The NSA must regulate this system better. The NSA will take all
necessary steps without limit to assure that this technology is preserved and
autonomously under their control.

10.Conclusion: America’s greatest and highest level intelligence asset is being
mismanaged and the mismanagement must be corrected before all the Enemies of
our great country acquire it. Imagine if China had this technology to use on
their defenseless population? 11.May God help us all in protecting the American
public and preserving and managing this vital technology’s vital potential to
serve America’s National Security.
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Facing Our Shadows- Why Lightworkers Must “See Evil” to Transcend It


If humanity is to ascend this 3D reality of enslavement and unbalanced domination then we will go through a phase of exposing what was truly behind the wheel of these 3D systems we are outgrowing. We must be able to look at the defunct systems and lies we bought into as a species throughout our history and also be willing to evaluate those motivations which brought us here to ascend these timelines. In order to have sovereignty and not be influenced by the negative alien methods, we must eventually come to terms with what those dark methods consist of and how they operate. We must understand how and why we were enslaved to begin with, understand where we were vulnerable so that it does not happen to us again.

We must be willing to examine and learn from our experiences here. Acting like we will completely change the way our world operates and overcome the darkness by thinking happy thoughts and never being willing to reveal the truth of where we came from is a misunderstanding of how consciousness and energy work. You cannot expand your consciousness to the next dimensional level of perceiving without becoming aware of the dark and the light which were participating together to create the former level of experiences being surpassed. We cannot attain a unified mind and perspective by being unwilling to examine the polarity systems we have been participating with first. Has anyone ever become enlightened by avoiding their inner darkness? No, and we cannot approach outter darkness with that attitude either if we want to impact the collective positively. We must reclaim and integrate all experiences to transcend them.

There is a distorted belief system being perpetuated by good intentioned lightworkers that must be exposed. This program I am speaking of perpetuates ignorance and darkness while presenting itself as higher wisdom. I am going to call this program the “Speak No Evil” program or SNE for easy reference. Maybe, you have been impacted by someone perpetuating this distortion or discouraged from truth speaking or truth seeking by someone who is being manipulated by this program or perhaps you have fallen into the belief systems associated with it yourself. There is no judgment on any of us for being involved in negative alien agendas and perpetuating programs, we are on a planet that is hijacked by this agenda and all we can hope to do is become aware of them, release ourselves and anchor that template of sovereignty and freedom here into the fields for others to access. Ascension is a process of becoming more and more aware and there is always room for self-improvement, so let’s be fearless in uncovering and exposing the distortions.

Someone perpetuating the SNE program will say things to discourage people exploring or attempting to bring attention to the negative alien agenda. The agenda is carried out on a human level through the 13 families who own the vast majority of our planet’s wealth and power and the cabal organizations which are set up underneath them. This is called the Illuminati and they are the ones ultimately responsible at the highest physical levels for implementing the negative alien agenda. The Illuminati has infiltrated our society at EVERY LEVEL. There is almost no social structure active on our planet now which was not covertly designed to interface with their New World Order agenda which we see being exposed now. The light is at work in this world to shift the scales of power so that a timeline for humanity’s freedom from the intruder agenda is possible.

When you see fellow starseeds or lightworkers exposing these control agendas or bringing information forward regarding them it is important to understand how these agendas work and how to not feed into them. The goal is to become an awakened and aware, neutral observer who can witness the strategies of the dark side without becoming personally effected by them. In other words, say you are at a football game and a lightworker brings your attention to the half time show and explains to you the occult symbolism being used in the half time show and reveals the fact that you are truly watching a black magic ritual being played out and that the black magicians behind it are actually harnessing the energies of the unsuspecting observers at the same time. If you allow yourself to react to this info by becoming fearful or angry and express or even repress those energies you will be adding to the ritual impact on your unconscious mind. By being aware and observant of what is going on, without giving it power over you, you will be participating in collapsing that system and taking from the power of the ritual instead. When you are finally awake to the reality of this, you will be bored by these things that scare you at first, it just becomes obvious and somewhat pathetic after a while when the shock wears off and education sets in. So, the goal is to be able to see quite clearly what is going on without giving it power to impact your emotional and mental bodies.

I have heard lightworkers make comments similar to the following when confronted with others who are addressing and witnessing these dark games coming to the surface. These types of distorted beliefs, like the one below, are what I refer to as the “See No Evil” programming. The SNE program will express itself similarly to this:

“Do not talk about Illuminati agendas and rituals at all, because, you will just feed them your energy and make it worse. You should only talk about the reality you want to create instead and not give any energy to the dark side”

This concept above is the basis for most SNE distortions. People, mislead by these programs will try to convince you that you are just as guilty as the black magicians in the Illuminati for acknowledging their game to begin with. They will want you to believe that there is some magic in avoiding the truth and simply aligning to what you think you want. The lie is that by observing and becoming aware of the evil you are feeding it your energy, when as long as you approach it from a higher perspective the opposite occurs. So, this attitude is a misunderstanding, as I explained, by witnessing and becoming aware of these games and black magic systems we actually are exposing their secrets and taking from their power not adding to it. If we react to the knowledge of their games with fear and perpetuate fear among others or polarity games of hate or blame than yes, we are ultimately subjecting ourselves to their black magic systems and abuse without realizing it. By being unaware and engaging with the rituals in pleasure or enjoyment we are also participating, so awareness is the only way out of the system completely. No slave was ever freed from daydreaming about being free, he had to understand his situation in order to get out.

In general, anytime we react with fear or blame games we are participating in polarity systems and not perceiving with our unified mind or true divine self. That is the danger with all things here and means you are participating with the illusion instead of anchoring the truth. Anytime you allow yourself to feel like a victim you are being influenced by the Victim/ Victimizer software or program that is a basic foundation of their control systems here. This is a challenge for all of us in every area of life and we are all here to create and experience this process. Although, it is normal when first awakening to the level of manipulation and control our planet and our species is presently under to be angry and upset or scared, it is a reaction that passes with time and must be worked through. Those of us who are awake can stand in the gap and help these awakening beings accept this reality without fear and explain to them how this works so that there is less misunderstanding. We can encourage them by insisting that we have already gone through the realization of evil and that it is going to be okay, nothing has changed just because, they are learning the truth and they still must seek inner peace and acceptance as the best method of defense. Awareness of the details of how the Illuminati operate is a natural part of exposing these systems and rendering them powerless here in the future. If we are to ascend in greater numbers and have an overall impact on the collective timeline than we will see these things exposed eventually during that process, it is unavoidable and desirable.

The Illuminati members are the ones who demand silence from their members, from the media and from anyone who is aware. They are the ones perpetuating the lie that speaking about it only makes it more real, this is a distorted interpretation of how reality works, not higher truth. Our power over their black magic systems lies in the higher dimensions of the self. By participating in the ascension process on an individual basis, we can learn to harness and connect into our higher dimensional selves and bodies and perspectives. By tapping into this and anchoring that awareness into our physical body and perceiving the world through those eyes we surpass the dimension of reality where their black magic systems have power and are able to override them. When we see through the eyes of unity and truth, all the lies have no power and they do not get power over us just, because, we are aware and able to recognize the dark agendas and operations exist. Contrary to popular belief, the evil will not lose power if we ignore it either, we must be a part of the solution and so we will have to acknowledge the problem to achieve that.

In summary, we must become aware of the “See No Evil” distortion and not fall into it by being able to recognize the truth of evil without giving it power over our emotional bodies. It takes time to accept and integrate the level of enslavement and control this planet and our species is being subjected to and there is a level of shock, fear, denial and then acceptance that must be experienced by anyone truly awakening. However, as ascending beings we can assist our brothers and sisters through this process with as little fear as possible by sharing the truth of the situation with them without fear of the evil and especially without fear of the revelation or exposure of it. Those attitudes only feed the negative alien agenda of silence and concealment. We must be willing and able to address and speak about these systems and agendas operating on our planet from a level of neutral observance or witnessing in order to transcend those systems and collapse the timelines where they are ultimately successful. No darkness or evil existing in the 4D is all powerful or unable to be transcended, if that were so there would not be starseeds here at this time participating with the ascension effort. We came here, because, we chose to help. We chose to help, because, it is not hopeless and we knew we could assist and we still are.

The solutions lie within us and the more of us who can process the 3 and 4D internally and ascend individually will literally impact the whole and make that ascension journey available to others. We are very powerful and it is true that the Illuminati and aliens controlling them have many methods of harnessing and abusing our own energies to serve their agenda, but, they rely on our silence and ignorance to achieve that. They cannot harness our higher witness when we are aware of ourselves and integrated and as long as we are operating from that platform we are actually collapsing their systems by bringing attention to them, not helping them. The SNE program will use someone to tell you that you are actually feeding their systems by busting them and they rely on your ignorance regarding the topic of energy manifestation in order to achieve their goal of your silence. Don’t fall for this anymore beloveds and stand in your truth to help others waking up. We can do this together, but, it will take bringing the darkness to the light to achieve ascension and this means on the individual and planetary levels. We cannot fear the darkness within or without and we cannot avoid it either. We can heal this, I believe in us and our abilities to expose the lies and make truth available for more numbers of humanity ❤