Q&A How do I know if i am a mind control victim and what can I do?

Q&A How do I know if i am a mind control victim and what can I do?

I wish I had a more encouraging response for you, but, the truth is that recovery from this stuff is a life long process and you have to learn to live day to day, and keep moving forward no matter how deep the rabbit hole goes. You see, when you reclaim “alters” (the deliberately created personalities) that have been programmed you have to deal with layers of issues. The trauma and the memory of it to some degree usually does accompany reclaiming an alter. You may not remember the details, but, may feel the terror or emotion that was attached to the experience and be somewhat aware of what happened at least. Sometimes, you will get fragmented memories that take years and years to make sense when you put them together.

Then there is the programing that the alter recovered may have or that other alters that act as gatekeepers for that alter may have in order to keep you from completely reclaiming that part and any info and memories that it may have access too. Also, underneath that personality there can be another layer of alters and gatekeepers with the same problems, programming and spiritual entities that control the contents of the mind control system (which ARE your alternate personalities) and to keep them working together in a way that serves the programmers and keeps you from becoming aware of what is going on with them. Depending on how complex your mind control system is, simply understanding what is going on below your regular awareness is quite a challenge and requires your total dedication.

On top of that, when you do get to your alters and start recovering memories it sends warning signals to your deeper level alters alerting them that you are endangering the system and they can alert the handlers and programmers who may abduct you and re-program you. They may harass or punish you in various ways when you stop cooperating and start fighting, it just depends on what you are being used for and if you are still considered an active asset for anyone or there is concern that you will recover memories that endanger the secrecy of the perpetrators. In my case I carried information and had my memory erased a lot with electrocution, I will prob never remember what it was I knew before I delivered it (the message) and the people who received it erased it, but, I do remember the electrocution through body memories where my body recovers the memory and relives the trauma. I have recovered fragments of memory from these types of things and usually that happens guided by spirit, you can feel spirit is there and the emotion, your whole body feels it and there is a danger of thinking it is happening right then and reacting hysterically. It is called “flashbacks” and I highly recommend you do some reading on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

If you want to understand how mind control slaves are created in more detail to see if any of it fits your life experience or it triggers memories, I recommend you read this only with a support system in place in case it does trigger you. http://www.whale.to/b/sp/springmeier.html#U.S.%20GOVT.%20MIND-CONTROL%20LEVEL%201. Fritz Springmeyer has a few books on this subject I believe, so if you feel this truly fits your situation I recommend reading his material very cautiously and neutrally do NOT overdue it. Mind Control victims usually have self destruct programming layered in and it can be activated by this information, so that is why I recommend having a support system in place, someone you can speak with about this who will not judge you and who has educated them self on Multiple Personality Disorder and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

Aside from working to educate yourself further I say keep a very active journal and write EVERYTHING in it, all you remember and dreams too as all of these play a part in helping your conscious mind to integrate the very traumatic realizations that discovering you are a victim of this type of abuse involves. As far as finding a community to support you, I am afraid that rarely works out and at this point in time victims are pretty much on their own struggling to recover without much support. You can find therapists that are aware of this, but, you have to look for them. There is not justice or acknowledgement currently available for our population and most people who are also mind control victims will have programming to attack or reject others looking for or presenting answers and information as what you do can trigger them and vice versa.

I do facilitate a support group with Miesha Johnson from http://starseedawakening.net/ and our group is specifically for MK Ultra, Monarch, Super soldier, Ritual Abuse/ Multiple personality survivors. If you would like to find out more about this and join, you will need to fill out a questionaire first. This screening process helps me keep out persons who do not truly belong in the group, so that members are safe and all your answers will be kept confidential. If you would like more info you can email me personally at: tu.takana@yahoo.com



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  1. starlight
    Sep 18, 2013 @ 02:12:57

    This makes sense because I’ve read about this from another source which I agree with, it uses different words to describe the same concept – that we have traumatic alter-ego personalities and part of the ascension process is retrieving these missing pieces of the soul, then ‘clearing/wiping’ the trauma so that they become clean and get integrated back into the original soul. Unfortunately I’m not quite at this stage yet in my training, so I haven’t started this process yet.

    Anyway thanks for this article, I enjoy this type of thing.


  2. staffordartglass
    Jan 09, 2014 @ 07:38:05

    I didn’t know about MK Ultra until I found out that the man who headed the program had actually come to my wedding years ago. By then he was an old man who lived outside of D.C. living a quiet life whose paths crossed with my wife, so they attended, and only after his death did the news come out as some programs were aired on t.v. Only later did I learn what he had been involved in, which was an eye-opening event! But when I read about what was being done I thought how short-sighted, how sad that they sought to crack the egg when there are such better ways to raise ability and consciousness! Instead of doing this, we could bring healing and wholeness, instead of such hurt and abuse to people (all under the shroud of secrecy too). And then awakening took hold and I saw how all my pieces, how all the trauma could be released, healed, resulting in less fragmentation (even without alters). There is a really great way to help heal trauma that involves the body and its physiology…..it was observed that when animals were attached by large prey animals but survived, they would go into an odd shaking fit. This observation has given birth to a way to deal with PTSD through a regimen of shaking and movement. Apparently, it works very well in most cases and seems to tap a capacity that we all have to “shake off” these things. I think one book is called “Shaking Medicine” and I think an author is Levine? Another side of this that worked wonders for me was White Crane Qi Gung (or Gong) which is about moving energy and blockages in the field. We might store memory in the brain, but we store emotion in the body. It is getting to that place which can be so helpful. It was for me. Best of luck on your journey!


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