Ascent of the Human Soul

Ascent of the Human Soul


The wings of the soul can wither and fall away, causing us to be Earth bound in spirit. The wings of the soul can also be regrown, however, it is not as easy as we would like to believe it is to do so. The wings of our soul are those things which constantly endeavor upwards to the heavens, always attempting to lift us up toward the Gods. The wings grow stronger and take us higher when we fuel them with the essence of the living forms, the divine templates of creation.

The living forms and templates are not, however, physical things or geometric shapes, as some would have us believe. The divine forms are living things which cannot be caught into a shape permanently here in the physical. They are the essence of the soul herself, that which animates all things in the universe with her ceaseless motion. The forms, therefore, are those things which we notice occurring between us that are reminiscent of the soul herself, those behaviors and attitudes which can be observed and which humanity today has watered down into a one word explanation labeled “love.” The divine templates of the living God are a kin to what we call virtues ,such as, goodness, gentleness, justice, wisdom, beauty and the like.

When the human being engages with the living form and learns to direct his human self, which is inherently Earth bound, the soul grows wings which will cause her to ascend into the heavens, causing her body to become what is termed “angelic.” With a soul in the heavens, the body becomes a tool of the divine and all works become acts of grace, for through the messenger a voice of reason and truth can be given to humanity and acts of compassion and grace can be performed. Most humans are in need of this truth desperately; as it is deliberately kept from her by the wicked ones, those we call the Nephilim.

The Nephilim are those vampiric spirits which are Earth bound and which were once called Giants who originated from the inbred marriages of Annunaki who fell to Earth from a planet in the heavens called Nibiru. These beings are also bound here and in direct opposition to the God of All with their defiance tampering with the Ape-man species Homo-Erectus to begin with. The Annunaki were brilliant, but, they were already a race in spiritual decline and participated heavily in misogyny and war. It is no wonder their own planet was in danger of dying considering natural law, but, they used their intellectualism to put a band-aid over their problems. They came to Earth and harvested gold in order to seal their atmosphere. Homo-Erectus was created by them to perform the labor and a genetic upgrade was given to them for this task.

Now, we are still the offspring of this and there was ultimately a divine plan for our race. Our Annunaki genetics gave us the capacity to be ensouled in a heavenly way, while our monkey heritage gives us an Earth bound survival instinct and drive which the soul must tame in order to create a divine human. And humanity was granted this capacity for divinity; and this is what the Nephilim hate us most for. The Nephilim themselves have already been judged and they would like to keep humanity in ignorance of her soul, their savior, and their ability to ascend the control freak bloodlines of the Nephilim who are set and determined to claim ownership over humanity and her living soul.

The wicked ones know that if a human feeds himself not on the light and life of the living forms of the soul, their wings will atrophy and fall off. That is why the television and music today is used as a form of dark witchcraft to keep humans feeding themselves on the lusts of their Earthly body. Emotion like anger, rage, addiction, sexual deviance, domination, competition, doubt, synicism and tyranny cause the wings to become Earth bound and allow humanity to be bred and enslaved continuously by the Nephilim.

The only way to see their game, to rise above it and to transcend the pain of this reality is to grown the wings of your soul and allow yourself to fly, by learning to be the charioteer. You must learn to manage two forces, the Terran, instinctual drives and the divine inclination towards the soul. You must choose a way to manage these dual forces within and to seek the forms of the soul, which are eternal, in order to know ourselves in this way. The growth of our wings means engaging those virtuous energies which are in themselves evidence of the soul’s existence. What is a moment of beauty? Consider that exchange and the essence of such will reveal a divine form in movement. Christ said to worship the living God and this is what he meant. Where your attention goes your energy flows, so, it is good to seek the evidence of our soul above all else and have faith in our assistance from Christ in all things; and the joy of this will lead us to the kingdom of heaven. “For not by my will, but, YOURS be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”



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