Alchemical Ascension of the Soul

The topic of the ascension of the soul is not a new one, although it is only with the New Age movement that more people have become aware of the term. The alchemists studied this process of transformation in great detail and determined a series of 7 steps of transformation which accompany the ascension process. In the simplest terms the science of turning lead into gold, was also a metaphor for the transformation of the prime materia (lead) of the soul or our emotional body and imperfect human incarnation, into the golden radiance of the body of light, or the born anew soul. These 7 steps can happen linearly and non-linearly, simultaneously or separately. However, the steps themselves are constant and necessary in order to transform and purify consciousness. The alchemists related each step to one of the major planets and these associations will be examined more closely in the workshop.

The workshop will be mostly informational alternated with discussion and some meditations and exercises will be introduced to foster a more holistic understanding of the information by the student at home. My goal is not to regurgitate what the alchemists wrote 400 years ago, but, to present it in personal, practical and applicable terms to the spiritual student. This process can be observed scientifically and also psychologically, but, it is the psychological experience that I will be revealing in this course. The process of ascension can be scary if we do not understand the meaning, use of or role of symbols, visions, dreams, and self examination. Symbols are universal ,as well as, personal so understanding both meanings will also assist us on this path.

These topics will be covered and explored, as well as, each step of the AZ ritual as put forth by Basil Valentine and explained first hand, in personal terms by yours truly, TuTakana. I have experienced these steps in my own psyche and understand how useful a tool and how empowering it is to understand them during major spiritual initiations. This material is a grounded in physical roots and will be easy to digest by those beings who have a hard time with other worldly explanations regarding the ascension of the soul. Opening the doors of spiritual initiation and of the mind means all that once was accepted is called into question, purified and transformed into something unknown. By understanding this process we empower ourselves to experience more fully, without question, hesitation and fear.

The material in this class does not negate or call into question any other spiritual or religious path you follow, in fact it could be thought of as supplemental understanding to any path. The class will be held online in a Google Hangout format and we will meet on Saturday morning, February 15th, 2014. The cost of this course is $77.00 and can be purchased by using the PayPal button below. Once, payment is made, please also use the contact form on this site or send a personal email to me at letting me know that you are enrolling and have made payment so that I reserve a space for you. Please, include in that email your full name and email address where you would like your course notes sent to. If this date is not good for you, please, let me know and I can book you into a future class or provide you with the written materials and recording of the workshop.


Draconian Mothership…Some Thoughts

I feel like the Dark Goddess aspects are similar to the energy I feel coming from my Draconian Mothership. I am recovering from Project IBIS and reintegrating a system of deliberately created multiple personalities and am a multigenerational Product of Project BlueBird. How does this place look to my mothership? How would you feel in her shoes? A few of my alters come forward to speak about their perspectives and my experience on the planet, having altered DNA from various ET races for the purposes of creating a template of peace for ALL races involved with the experiment here on Earth.Please, realize this is my life, I am making myself vulnerable and showing aspects that are very wounded and fragile today, so please be respectful that I exist, this is my life and I have every right to be here. If you can open your mind a little more, you may come to understand that I LOVE humanity more than most humans could ever imagine. The Dragon races are our source family, there has been a massive campaign to slander our true identity. Not all Draconians and Reptilians are anti-human, but, many of the elite presently are and some are insane, resorting to eating unwilling humans and ritual sacrifice. The true Drakonian family of Tiamat and Enki DO NOT CONDONE HUMAN SACRIFICE AND RITUAL MURDER!