Draconian Mothership…Some Thoughts

I feel like the Dark Goddess aspects are similar to the energy I feel coming from my Draconian Mothership. I am recovering from Project IBIS and reintegrating a system of deliberately created multiple personalities and am a multigenerational Product of Project BlueBird. How does this place look to my mothership? How would you feel in her shoes? A few of my alters come forward to speak about their perspectives and my experience on the planet, having altered DNA from various ET races for the purposes of creating a template of peace for ALL races involved with the experiment here on Earth.Please, realize this is my life, I am making myself vulnerable and showing aspects that are very wounded and fragile today, so please be respectful that I exist, this is my life and I have every right to be here. If you can open your mind a little more, you may come to understand that I LOVE humanity more than most humans could ever imagine. The Dragon races are our source family, there has been a massive campaign to slander our true identity. Not all Draconians and Reptilians are anti-human, but, many of the elite presently are and some are insane, resorting to eating unwilling humans and ritual sacrifice. The true Drakonian family of Tiamat and Enki DO NOT CONDONE HUMAN SACRIFICE AND RITUAL MURDER!



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  1. Jesse
    Jan 11, 2014 @ 10:20:24

    You are hanging on to your guilt like a life raft!!! Let go!!!!! At least that’s how I perceive it on this end. Time to distract you from your problems for a moment. I’d like to access some of your information, if that’s allowed. This video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tja6_h4lT6A ) is a kind of anthem for myself. I chose this version of this song because of the information accompanying the song. I’d like your thoughts on it please. It’ll only take about six minutes of your day. Peace…..


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