Angel of Death or Psychic Assassin?

I wonder if any other MK Ultra survivors can relate to these strange super soldier experiences of a psychic nature. I am trying to understand if these experiences were had only by various compartmentalized alters within my inner system, who happen to have amped up psychic abilities or if I was actually experiencing angelic intelligence in a spontaneously evocational manner (as the Angel of Death and Leannan did seem like). I caught myself projecting into someone else last week and causing them to stop breathing, I suspect this was a military psychic assassin alter who had been triggered and my higher self intervened. But, it makes me wonder if the angel of death etc.. are actually alters with extremely heightened senses, strength, psychic ability? Perhaps, the assassin thinks she IS the angel of death or something? I did not get a chance to inquire within, she was gone the moment she was busted, I only caught the tail end.