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Those of the Dragon Blood cannot deny their heritage, which eventually will find them, despite what they believe or where they are situated geographically or socially. Even if that heritage is “stolen” or discarded, it will still be there in the pool of the subconscious and, because it is genetic, once it is switched on, it can never be completely switched off again, however much ridicule, disbelief or hostility it engenders from within or without.

Survivor of the New World Order, Shadow Government Mind Control Agenda……Secret Space Program Intelligence Asset……….MK Ultra/ Monarch Survivor……………..Psychic Soldier……………..Fighting for Freedom against the odds…………..lover of humanity…………….seriously pissed off American and Mother………………Project Blue Beam Programmed Asset…………Psychic Soldier turned against New World Order………..Navy Freedom Fighters from the Future………………Multigenerational Nazi Agenda survivor……………Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor……………Calling out the Muslim Controlled USA, Military and Medical Industry, Genocide plans, Plan for EMP, New Atlantis Rising, Civil War in America, FAKE ET INVASION, False New Age Programming Agenda…….TRUTH WARRIOR…<3


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  1. lauriesnotes
    Jun 18, 2013 @ 12:03:25

    I like the words you used. I also share my story in this way- not as an expert or having a simple formula to follow. But as an example.
    – Laurie


    • Tu'Takana
      Jun 18, 2013 @ 18:17:29

      Thank you, for sharing your story too! It’s the most beautiful story in the world, the evolution of the soul. It is our responsibility to share it with others so they will know and they will seek and find as well. It is like the Bible verse where Jesus warns against suffering the children the kingdom of heaven. It is available to everyone, they need to be able to find it when they seek and to know they are invited to ❤


  2. starlight
    Aug 11, 2013 @ 15:52:20

    Oh my god! Some of the words you use and things you say hit the nail so clearly on the head, when you mentioned the moment of meeting someone at the convenience store and it being a trigger for something? that EXACT same thing happened to me just the other week! It bothered me so I went away to think about it. Basically this guy in a store I went to was really ‘alpha male’, big and strong looking. I asked for advise on something in the store and he acted all confident but emitted this huge ‘aggression’ field like he was trying to crush me, dominate me? I felt like saying ‘what the Hell are you doing to me?!’ but I just took it and then left the shop. I went away thinking man, what a predator!

    I’ve had past life flashbacks of emotions where I have unfortunately BEEN a bully to others! (I somehow must have thought I could get away with it, or that it was acceptable). THEN I had memories from other lives and this current life of being put heavily into the ‘victim’ role. I kind of understood that I’ve been flicking back and forth through incarnations as a slight predator and then a slight prey. My true deep wish in this life was to be NEITHER! and just to work in harmony with others! To give love and not to be involved in the dark so much.

    What you say about people being mirrors is such truth. Even if you think someone is not very developed or aware, the god-mind can use them to ‘teach you’ a lesson or highlight the remaining darkness within your unconscious programming so you can release it.

    I also say that as soon as I started to watch your video, I felt streams of light energy coming off, so I knew you were genuinely going through this process! A very smooth, light energy comes out. I’m fortunate enough to have awareness which allows me to sense the ‘energy imprint’ coming off the information people right, be that text or video. I immediately pick out people with very light/bright/soft aura’s and get attracted to them!

    This ‘transmutation’ process has been going on heavily all of this year for me. Life lessons have been dramatically sped up, coincidences, syncrinocities. I even see it happening to those around me but they don’t know why. I often switch between being excessively focused on light to being focused on dark things, such as wanting to understand them, and then facing them coming out of the deeper aspects of me (a lot of dark, ugly stuff). I read denise le fay’s blog and she talks about much of the same stuff you talk about! I felt these intense white light energies flow through me on I think march 21’st of this year. Then after that it would periodically flow through me.

    I do meditations to help with this process so I have no idea if my experiences are caused by them or by the changing earth energies – my guess is that BOTH are doing similar things!

    I’m in the process of evolving out of the duality, the process of clearing and understanding, releasing inner darkness, with the eventual goal of full embodiment of higher self, the light, the service. I’ve had a couple of ‘oneness’ experiences already.

    One of the things I have mentioned to denise and I’ll say again here – is that I struggle to make sense of the various timelines. I’m not aware enough to be able to understand it, I do understand that we go to the timelines which are suitable for our development – but I struggle to see how this will manifest in physical reality (with people literally ‘going to different places’ means they can’t still be here in front of us?).

    The bit you say about existing in free will and we shouldn’t have to be forced to work just to get the basics – I couldn’t agree more! All it takes is a quick look at the adults around me to see that they work to death, are too tired to really ‘feel alive’ or create new things! They get ill physically, have emotional arguments all over the place and are generally entrapped by mundane work. This is a big thing I want to break out of! I don’t want to have these constant fear’s relating to lack of food or essentials! It doesn’t seem productive to spiritual development, to live in boredom, entrapment and emotional conflict. It just feels wrong!

    I understand about the judgement. Luckily I have been experiencing deeper heart opening and blockage removal in the heart! I have more light which flows out of the heart and this helps me to feel accepting of myself on a deeper level! The inner darkness isn’t anyones fault – I feel like I’ve been through endless incarnations as human and just gone from darkness to darkness 😦 I’ve been TAUGHT by humans this is the only way to behave!!!!!!! What hope was there? Until now!? When 95% of people form a network of dark, controlling, bully/victim cycles? No one can really blame others because where does it end? I mean we have to work through our own karma, but…! The darkness in me is a bunch of un-aligned stuff which needs to come out – be fully accepted by me as a part of the things I have done and been involved in up till now…and get released or transmuted back into light.

    I know there are certain people here who have come from a higher place, starseeds/indigo’s and so on. I don’t think I am one of them – I think I’m someone who has been ‘stuck’ down here for quite a long time…and just truly wishes to be integrated back into a more harmonised environment! What’s even better is that I can genuinely feel and see it happening – like an unstoppable force !

    Just recently a situation happened which made me REALLY angry!!! And I had to dig deeper to find out the cause, it was general anger relating to the ‘control structure’ and limitation of free will and information which can self-empower. After that I had to understand that the darkness is an acceptable part of the universe, it’s here to invoke drama, learning and new experiences and must be accepted as a part of the whole – however that doesn’t mean that I personally (the part of the universe which appears as my separate self!) want’s to be playing in the darkness for any longer! Since we have free will, I choose to do whatever it takes…to work towards harmony.

    When you said ‘processing of dark and light energies’ this is EXACTLY! what I have been going through the past year! Extreme inner polarities of obsession, focus and awe at the powers of light AND darkness!

    Yeah…without the dark experiences and the darkness, we wouldn’t be able to experience these intense divides! These really polarized things.

    If you & others are the ‘wayshowers’, I feel like I am one of the ones following up behind!

    There you go 🙂 a very intense reply to a very intense video which dealt with a lot of topics! Thanks for letting me share my thoughts & feelings on your video!



  3. Tu'Takana
    Aug 11, 2013 @ 16:05:15

    Jamie, thank you for your intense reply- lol 🙂 I appreciate very much that you wrote it and that you can perceive my light so clearly. You are totally on the right track and doing a great job processing everything you are experiencing.You are a polarity integrator working to bring balance and synthesis and that i why you bounce back and forth between the extremes of dark and light- I have experienced the same thing and it is an important and very healing role for the planet and her archetypes. Feel free to send me a friend request on Facebook and get to know me better! I plan to star some support groups soon for ascension related topics and mind control victims. Would love to have you in the ascension group when it gets started! Peace and Joy ❤ Tu'


    • starlight
      Aug 13, 2013 @ 13:14:50

      I would be happy to join but I’m not on facebook! I dislike it too much as a website. If you put the group up anywhere else I will join 🙂

      Thanks for explaining ‘You are a polarity integrator working to bring balance and synthesis and that i why you bounce back and forth between the extremes of dark and light’ – this helps me to understand it much more!

      I received an intense connection to unity which was like a soft, loving, booming message talking to me from ‘everywhere and nowhere at once’, This happened in January 2013. It showed me using image and telepathy some things – it told me what my role was, what was planned for me to do, it showed me that the earth is ‘changing’, I saw an image of earth with 80-90% darkness covering it like a black veil. Then I saw light spreading over the earth and the light stopped half way, showing a balanced world of 50% dark, 50% light!

      It showed me losing my ego and told me ‘divine energies’ will flow through me and then have to be channelled out into others to help teach them. (I have to do this for my dad mostly, but then probably others who need it!). So I asked if this was certainly true? It said it has been planned to be this way (so I assume it’s a pretty solid plan).

      I got the feeling that I was going to be a small-scale energy processor – one who would work transmuting darkness into light (but I’m only part way into this journey now and feel it would take many years to reach this level). It seemed to say it wouldn’t give me a job which was too difficult for me, and that I had to work on my dad first.

      After speaking to my dad about it many months later, he said he felt his whole life was about trying to progress from dark into light, so it made sense!

      Once again I am happy to talk more with you and join the group! But I do have an issue with facebook and want to avoid it!



  4. Tu'Takana
    Aug 11, 2013 @ 16:06:25


  5. starlight
    Aug 13, 2013 @ 13:41:12

    I’ve read up a bit more about ‘polarity integrator’.

    so what I can say about it is…I didn’t get physical bad symptoms like many people do – but I believe I have been getting the ’emotional/mental’ feelings…Sure…I have had to work through my own problems and lessons at a vastly accelerated rate!

    But I didn’t know the most extreme forms of darkness would keep coming through me, into my mind and emotions!

    Like I said, my mind and emotions have constantly been flipping between extremes light and extreme darkness.

    Thinking back now, I can remember times I was literally crying in bed, because I had to witness these scenes of beings made up of so much blackness, that they would just watch and agree to the suffering and torture of others. I saw visions of these dark beings calmly watching over humans screaming in pain and suffering, it was almost too much to take in. I would have to process these incredibly dark controlling feelings which would flow through me…as if I’ve been made to understand how dark the dark is, what it does, what it’s goals are and …many things.

    I was reading denise’s blog and I think it was the 21st march this year she said new energies were coming through – I got hit by this huge wave of light energy which was coming down from above through my crown – I felt like I was being purified on a deep level and then got insomnia because the energy was too strong! This energy would periodically come down in waves thereafter, as if it was grounding me into the earth with a channel of light.

    I’ve been drawn to reading & understanding some of the darker aspects such as dark entities/dark control structure/demons and even occult/left hand path stuff. None of this was of interest to me prior to december 21st (now I think about it – all the dark polarities, light/dark flipping and extremes started to happen late december 2012/early 2013 through until now). Prior to that I didn’t really THINK about dark stuff!

    What you’ve said is kind of making sense now!

    I think there must be something going on more than just my usual inner-work, because the most extreme polarities keep flowing through me, is it possible that some of the darker/lighter things in the earth are flowing through my emotional or mental body to go up for purification? Sorry for the repetition, I’m just trying to get my thoughts out.

    So going back to when ‘unity’ spoke to me, it pretty much said that was in my plan, to transmute dark into light and to aid in this great process which is happening right now! (rebalance and harmonize a dark earth world into a balanced world, it told me earth was VERY dark compared to many other parts of the universe! Pretty much controlled by darkness, this fit’s what I’ve read online too).

    I hope I can do a better job of this transmutation in future when I’m more evolved 🙂 It does feel nice to be a part of something positive for a change!

    I have started to really get ‘high heart’ activation lately within the past month or so, I’ve felt bursts of extreme love, without condition, emit out of my heart and I didn’t know where it was meant to go! (but it felt nice.)

    Thanks for listening,

    Did these things get planned recently, or before our birth? I often wonder how much of my path was modified due to my wishes in this life, or if those wishes were because of plans just before this incarnation!

    Thanks for any info you can share!!!



  6. starlight
    Aug 13, 2013 @ 14:12:35

    And a bit more info: I have had to work directly with tests/lessons in my current life with vampiric energies (both being one and being drained by them), there has been a shift, increased understanding and energetic change where I have moved from parasitism to ‘sustained from god’s energy’,

    Also worth mentioning that nothing has made me more angry than ‘the control structure’, and I’ve had to recently work through that anger and become more accepting of the situation! I seem to have this personal inner mission or desire to do what I can to empower others and break down the control system! (from the sounds of it – it’s happening already!).

    After reading all this I feel very glad! It’s obvious our world is changing for the better! We’re heading towards harmony and it’ll be a big sigh of relief!

    I’m someone who has gotten a fair amount of darker attacks, but I couldn’t tell if it was abnormal or not because no one else I know senses that stuff. I’ve had lots of little dark beings hang around me, play pranks, throw hate at me, try to mind-control me (I kept getting intrusive thought and found these dark energy cords hooked up to my head, which led to a dark being! It got very angry at me when I started to cut these cords).

    I have spirits who I can just about sense who guide me along my path and provide a comforting presence…but sometimes I do get attacked by dark things.

    The victim/predator cycle has been made so obvious to me! I never did fit into society and now I think I know why – I never wanted to be the victim or the predator! But society said ‘this is how it is, deal with it’.

    I think I’m just saying all this to you because I want you to get a better idea of what’s happened and get a clearer image about it.


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