Alchemical Ascension of the Soul

The topic of the ascension of the soul is not a new one, although it is only with the New Age movement that more people have become aware of the term. The alchemists studied this process of transformation in great detail and determined a series of 7 steps of transformation which accompany the ascension process. In the simplest terms the science of turning lead into gold, was also a metaphor for the transformation of the prime materia (lead) of the soul or our emotional body and imperfect human incarnation, into the golden radiance of the body of light, or the born anew soul. These 7 steps can happen linearly and non-linearly, simultaneously or separately. However, the steps themselves are constant and necessary in order to transform and purify consciousness. The alchemists related each step to one of the major planets and these associations will be examined more closely in the workshop.

The workshop will be mostly informational alternated with discussion and some meditations and exercises will be introduced to foster a more holistic understanding of the information by the student at home. My goal is not to regurgitate what the alchemists wrote 400 years ago, but, to present it in personal, practical and applicable terms to the spiritual student. This process can be observed scientifically and also psychologically, but, it is the psychological experience that I will be revealing in this course. The process of ascension can be scary if we do not understand the meaning, use of or role of symbols, visions, dreams, and self examination. Symbols are universal ,as well as, personal so understanding both meanings will also assist us on this path.

These topics will be covered and explored, as well as, each step of the AZ ritual as put forth by Basil Valentine and explained first hand, in personal terms by yours truly, TuTakana. I have experienced these steps in my own psyche and understand how useful a tool and how empowering it is to understand them during major spiritual initiations. This material is a grounded in physical roots and will be easy to digest by those beings who have a hard time with other worldly explanations regarding the ascension of the soul. Opening the doors of spiritual initiation and of the mind means all that once was accepted is called into question, purified and transformed into something unknown. By understanding this process we empower ourselves to experience more fully, without question, hesitation and fear.

The material in this class does not negate or call into question any other spiritual or religious path you follow, in fact it could be thought of as supplemental understanding to any path. The class will be held online in a Google Hangout format and we will meet on Saturday morning, February 15th, 2014. The cost of this course is $77.00 and can be purchased by using the PayPal button below. Once, payment is made, please also use the contact form on this site or send a personal email to me at letting me know that you are enrolling and have made payment so that I reserve a space for you. Please, include in that email your full name and email address where you would like your course notes sent to. If this date is not good for you, please, let me know and I can book you into a future class or provide you with the written materials and recording of the workshop.


Draconian Mothership…Some Thoughts

I feel like the Dark Goddess aspects are similar to the energy I feel coming from my Draconian Mothership. I am recovering from Project IBIS and reintegrating a system of deliberately created multiple personalities and am a multigenerational Product of Project BlueBird. How does this place look to my mothership? How would you feel in her shoes? A few of my alters come forward to speak about their perspectives and my experience on the planet, having altered DNA from various ET races for the purposes of creating a template of peace for ALL races involved with the experiment here on Earth.Please, realize this is my life, I am making myself vulnerable and showing aspects that are very wounded and fragile today, so please be respectful that I exist, this is my life and I have every right to be here. If you can open your mind a little more, you may come to understand that I LOVE humanity more than most humans could ever imagine. The Dragon races are our source family, there has been a massive campaign to slander our true identity. Not all Draconians and Reptilians are anti-human, but, many of the elite presently are and some are insane, resorting to eating unwilling humans and ritual sacrifice. The true Drakonian family of Tiamat and Enki DO NOT CONDONE HUMAN SACRIFICE AND RITUAL MURDER!


Unity Consciousness-

Authentic me… masks, real thoughts, no desire to offend divide or attack only address some deep concepts. I share these things out of my real desire to connect, share and receive NOT position myself as anyone’s leader or ask you to change your mind on account of my own. I have already been exposed to the Good vrs. Bad mentality at length and feel it is actually able to be transcended by shifting your perspective to one of true UNITY- which I define as making use of all experiences and energies for the higher cause not judging it. My experience is that by simply viewing these experiences as such you decrease the frequency of attack by them completely.

If you agree with what I am saying from your own personal experience, I am VERY interested in your detailed comments- this is my first time being open about a lot of this and so I am very curious if anyone else I am friends with is approaching or reading a “similar page” in their own book of spiritual and personal awakening. If you disagree completely I am also interested in your perspective IF you have something to say that I did not consider already or you really think would present an angle to me that is presently hidden the by all means please share. Serious additions to my reality and knowledge are always welcome by me if your perspectives could be transforming or enlightening ❤

7 Steps of Alchemical Transformation: The Process of Ascension


These 7 Steps of Alchemical Transformation~ What is Ascension:

(VERY IMPORTANT KNOWLEDGE) Below describe what the ascension process is like according to the alchemists and which is in harmony with my personal experience. I can back their claims up with my own testimony. I speak about the Alchemical concepts of sacred union from the perspective of experiencer, not just researcher.

These 7 steps happened non-linearly and they enable the growth of consciousness in all directions. These 7 steps can be related to each of the 7 chakras and planets as well and are part of an anciently recognized process of permanent transformation that actually gave birth to modern science and has been under attack by the Roman Catholic Church for thousands of years. It is this info they do not want us to understand and this IS the ascension process broken down and explained in step by step human terms.

1) CALCINATION: The first step is called calcination and in your personal experience it can be equated to the trials and tribulations that arise in life to point out your short comings and inspire transformation. The process is meant to assist in destroying the ego’s attachment to material things or things outside of the self and is often humbling. When you realize that change is necessary due to unavoidable indications you are inadequate in some area it can feel crushing and overwhelming, but, ultimately it is the crisis that fuels the needed change. Physically calcination is related to exercise and chemically to fire as it burns away at all material that is undesirable. Psychologically and spiritually it is the flames of the higher consciousness which will burn away the dross of the restricting habits, beliefs and limitations of the ego self.

2) DISSOLUTION: During dissolution the conscious mind is forced to let go of controlling everything so that previously repressed consciousness material may come to the surface awareness and previously held ideas and rigid structures are destroyed within the psyche and interior world. This step is associated with the second chakra and the kundalini experience being continued from the first chakra and energizing the rest of the body with it’s energy. During dissolution you may experience more profound dreams, visions and voices which are all experienced in order to push the boundaries of your rational mind and allow for the realization of new material to take place.

3) SEPARATION: The third step is associated with your 3rd or solar plexus chakra. During separation your soul comes together with spirit and for the first time experiences a higher perspective that is brought back to your daily awareness. The new perspective gave the soul the discernment for performing the act of separation and discarding of unwanted materials realized during the first two steps. During childhood the rational masculine mind rejects the contents of the feminine and other aspects of the true self that were not recognized by others or encouraged by family members and teachers. When we discard our unworthy attitudes and beliefs in the step of separation more aspects of our own self are able to be revealed to us, often restoring pieces of our self image from childhood as we were originally intended to be and to perceive ourselves as. Now that your blocks and misspent energies have been identified and released, there is more conscious energy available to you to further your transformation and growth with. You may begin to have deep revelations of your own innocence during or after this phase. It will be important to claim your innocence permanently, but, not cast blame and judgment onto others either. Just as spirit is embracing and restoring you right where you are at remember to accept and not hold bitterness toward others you have judged. The energy it takes to judge another being and truly despise them could be energy full of light and power, directed toward your true life expression.

4) CONJUNCTION: The fourth chakra, the heart chakra, is associated with the process of conjunction. During conjunction you are performing the marriage of the two sides of consciousness within, the solar and lunar or male and female intelligences. The stage also represents the merger of matter and spirit by joining the three steps below with the three steps above. During conjunction it is only the purest parts of the self that are recombined for transformation and a new type of heart intelligence is born. Many people call this level of consciousness “living from the heart” and it is a new type of perceiving reality that is experienced as being superior to feeling or thought alone. When conjunction is achieved you may also notice an enhancement of your intuitive faculties and the realization that there is much less to say and much more to listen to. Most of your beliefs will be under scrutiny and you may find that layers of old fears and dogma were literally stripped from your mind during the process. You may perceive yourself from many new and startling angles and should also catch a glimpse of your elusive friend your shadow making his presence known.

5) FERMENTATION: The 5th throat chakra is related to the process of fermentation. Fermentation represents the new life that is born from the putrefaction of another living organism. The symbolism suggests a presence of new life and along with it new vitality. At this step an important solidification of the soul and spirit’s merger becomes permanent and the new life force finally overcomes the original identity with its higher presence. The new spiritual power and presence begins to rejuvenate and invigorate the new life, adding a new level of insight, identity and divine inspiration to your perception. You will most likely experience an increase in creative abilities and perception, including symbolism. It is the further arousal and movement of kundalini and these experiences which inspired many mystical and religious works of antiquity. During one fermentation cycle, I laid in bed for several days having stream of visions involving the selling of organs, death, concentration camps and necromancy. I felt like my own organs had been placed in jars and then put back in my body and my body put together again with nails and ancient tools being used on my etheric body as it felt like it was being reassembled. I could smell formaldehyde all around me off and on for days and had visions of being hacked to pieces and my family and loved ones being hacked to pieces in my mind’s eye. It was all very intense and although, what I described was just one personal experience it is good to know that there are reasons why our psyche could produce images of death and dismemberment, in fact, these are classic images of one stage within a very natural process of transformation and with proper understanding the person experiencing them can express themselves artistically and healthily without fear that they are simply psychotic.

6) DISTILLATION: Just as distilled water is boiled to increase it’s purity, so is our psyche agitated and challenged during the distillation process in order to ensure that all the lower thought forms, habits and contents of our original ego mind are completely separated from the fermented being. At this point the kundalini is raised from the sacral chakra in the tailbone (first chakra) to the brain and pineal gland and it is represented by the 3rd eye chakra in the center of the forehead for this reason. Techniques such as introspection and reflection are used at this stage to identify those things which do not belong to our new and reborn self. Distillation allows us to become refined and purified from all lower functions as the sublimated spiritual presence is released within us. After having an experience of distillation you will think and process your reality differently, having a much deeper understanding of purity in the mind. Going through distillation was like having a resident angel in my body for days who filtered all energy coming from me and to me and rebuffed illusions on the mental plane while reaffirming higher truths. The whole process was experienced for me like having a kind instructor in my presence for several days and all remaining mumbo jumbo and old programs were identified and discarded, while having higher ideas regarding mental, spiritual and energetic truths left in their place. This process went as deep as I was ready for at the time and will happen again at a deeper level when the time is best for me. Although, humanity’s evolution as a whole is guided and influenced astrologically, our ability to address our true mental and emotional contents and integrate change is based on a personal choice to accept grace and actually attempt it. When I have my next run in with distillation, surely more of my unacknowledged shadow aspects will be brought to my attention and I also receive more truth and wisdom in its place, the cycle continues as long as there is work to do and this is one example of why the work is truly individual in nature and can not be a group process, although we can enjoy groups to support one another as individuals.

7) COAGULATION: Coagulation is like the precipitation of purified ferment which arose during the distillation. The final operation of coagulation occurs in the 7th or crown chakra on the top of your head which effects the pituitary gland. It is believed that some sort of brain ambrosia is released from the pineal gland (phallic in shape) and that it combines with the matter of the pituitary (vulva shaped gland) to give birth to your permanent body of light; which is the immortal vehicle for your highest aspirations and evolved aspects of your mind. The body of light retains your memories and feelings from your lifetime on Earth and is able to become one with soul and spirit at death. The body of light is similar to the concept of the astral body raised and purified through repeated cycles of the entire process until only the true essence of the astral and mental faculties of the individual remains. The remaining being is your rebirth and that is the part of you which is immortal and born from humanity. This body of light is the “Greater or Philosopher’s Stone” of the alchemists and it nourishes the cells of the physical body without waste product. The achievement of a permanent state of coagulation is also referred to as a return to the Garden of Eden and denotes a solid unification with the Divine Mind. This stage releases that astral body of light that is the goal of many spiritual movements to introduce you to and is also the method by which alternate realities and dimensions of existence are experienced by an individual while incarnated on Earth.

Ascent of the Human Soul

Ascent of the Human Soul


The wings of the soul can wither and fall away, causing us to be Earth bound in spirit. The wings of the soul can also be regrown, however, it is not as easy as we would like to believe it is to do so. The wings of our soul are those things which constantly endeavor upwards to the heavens, always attempting to lift us up toward the Gods. The wings grow stronger and take us higher when we fuel them with the essence of the living forms, the divine templates of creation.

The living forms and templates are not, however, physical things or geometric shapes, as some would have us believe. The divine forms are living things which cannot be caught into a shape permanently here in the physical. They are the essence of the soul herself, that which animates all things in the universe with her ceaseless motion. The forms, therefore, are those things which we notice occurring between us that are reminiscent of the soul herself, those behaviors and attitudes which can be observed and which humanity today has watered down into a one word explanation labeled “love.” The divine templates of the living God are a kin to what we call virtues ,such as, goodness, gentleness, justice, wisdom, beauty and the like.

When the human being engages with the living form and learns to direct his human self, which is inherently Earth bound, the soul grows wings which will cause her to ascend into the heavens, causing her body to become what is termed “angelic.” With a soul in the heavens, the body becomes a tool of the divine and all works become acts of grace, for through the messenger a voice of reason and truth can be given to humanity and acts of compassion and grace can be performed. Most humans are in need of this truth desperately; as it is deliberately kept from her by the wicked ones, those we call the Nephilim.

The Nephilim are those vampiric spirits which are Earth bound and which were once called Giants who originated from the inbred marriages of Annunaki who fell to Earth from a planet in the heavens called Nibiru. These beings are also bound here and in direct opposition to the God of All with their defiance tampering with the Ape-man species Homo-Erectus to begin with. The Annunaki were brilliant, but, they were already a race in spiritual decline and participated heavily in misogyny and war. It is no wonder their own planet was in danger of dying considering natural law, but, they used their intellectualism to put a band-aid over their problems. They came to Earth and harvested gold in order to seal their atmosphere. Homo-Erectus was created by them to perform the labor and a genetic upgrade was given to them for this task.

Now, we are still the offspring of this and there was ultimately a divine plan for our race. Our Annunaki genetics gave us the capacity to be ensouled in a heavenly way, while our monkey heritage gives us an Earth bound survival instinct and drive which the soul must tame in order to create a divine human. And humanity was granted this capacity for divinity; and this is what the Nephilim hate us most for. The Nephilim themselves have already been judged and they would like to keep humanity in ignorance of her soul, their savior, and their ability to ascend the control freak bloodlines of the Nephilim who are set and determined to claim ownership over humanity and her living soul.

The wicked ones know that if a human feeds himself not on the light and life of the living forms of the soul, their wings will atrophy and fall off. That is why the television and music today is used as a form of dark witchcraft to keep humans feeding themselves on the lusts of their Earthly body. Emotion like anger, rage, addiction, sexual deviance, domination, competition, doubt, synicism and tyranny cause the wings to become Earth bound and allow humanity to be bred and enslaved continuously by the Nephilim.

The only way to see their game, to rise above it and to transcend the pain of this reality is to grown the wings of your soul and allow yourself to fly, by learning to be the charioteer. You must learn to manage two forces, the Terran, instinctual drives and the divine inclination towards the soul. You must choose a way to manage these dual forces within and to seek the forms of the soul, which are eternal, in order to know ourselves in this way. The growth of our wings means engaging those virtuous energies which are in themselves evidence of the soul’s existence. What is a moment of beauty? Consider that exchange and the essence of such will reveal a divine form in movement. Christ said to worship the living God and this is what he meant. Where your attention goes your energy flows, so, it is good to seek the evidence of our soul above all else and have faith in our assistance from Christ in all things; and the joy of this will lead us to the kingdom of heaven. “For not by my will, but, YOURS be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”



Facing Our Shadows- Why Lightworkers Must “See Evil” to Transcend It


If humanity is to ascend this 3D reality of enslavement and unbalanced domination then we will go through a phase of exposing what was truly behind the wheel of these 3D systems we are outgrowing. We must be able to look at the defunct systems and lies we bought into as a species throughout our history and also be willing to evaluate those motivations which brought us here to ascend these timelines. In order to have sovereignty and not be influenced by the negative alien methods, we must eventually come to terms with what those dark methods consist of and how they operate. We must understand how and why we were enslaved to begin with, understand where we were vulnerable so that it does not happen to us again.

We must be willing to examine and learn from our experiences here. Acting like we will completely change the way our world operates and overcome the darkness by thinking happy thoughts and never being willing to reveal the truth of where we came from is a misunderstanding of how consciousness and energy work. You cannot expand your consciousness to the next dimensional level of perceiving without becoming aware of the dark and the light which were participating together to create the former level of experiences being surpassed. We cannot attain a unified mind and perspective by being unwilling to examine the polarity systems we have been participating with first. Has anyone ever become enlightened by avoiding their inner darkness? No, and we cannot approach outter darkness with that attitude either if we want to impact the collective positively. We must reclaim and integrate all experiences to transcend them.

There is a distorted belief system being perpetuated by good intentioned lightworkers that must be exposed. This program I am speaking of perpetuates ignorance and darkness while presenting itself as higher wisdom. I am going to call this program the “Speak No Evil” program or SNE for easy reference. Maybe, you have been impacted by someone perpetuating this distortion or discouraged from truth speaking or truth seeking by someone who is being manipulated by this program or perhaps you have fallen into the belief systems associated with it yourself. There is no judgment on any of us for being involved in negative alien agendas and perpetuating programs, we are on a planet that is hijacked by this agenda and all we can hope to do is become aware of them, release ourselves and anchor that template of sovereignty and freedom here into the fields for others to access. Ascension is a process of becoming more and more aware and there is always room for self-improvement, so let’s be fearless in uncovering and exposing the distortions.

Someone perpetuating the SNE program will say things to discourage people exploring or attempting to bring attention to the negative alien agenda. The agenda is carried out on a human level through the 13 families who own the vast majority of our planet’s wealth and power and the cabal organizations which are set up underneath them. This is called the Illuminati and they are the ones ultimately responsible at the highest physical levels for implementing the negative alien agenda. The Illuminati has infiltrated our society at EVERY LEVEL. There is almost no social structure active on our planet now which was not covertly designed to interface with their New World Order agenda which we see being exposed now. The light is at work in this world to shift the scales of power so that a timeline for humanity’s freedom from the intruder agenda is possible.

When you see fellow starseeds or lightworkers exposing these control agendas or bringing information forward regarding them it is important to understand how these agendas work and how to not feed into them. The goal is to become an awakened and aware, neutral observer who can witness the strategies of the dark side without becoming personally effected by them. In other words, say you are at a football game and a lightworker brings your attention to the half time show and explains to you the occult symbolism being used in the half time show and reveals the fact that you are truly watching a black magic ritual being played out and that the black magicians behind it are actually harnessing the energies of the unsuspecting observers at the same time. If you allow yourself to react to this info by becoming fearful or angry and express or even repress those energies you will be adding to the ritual impact on your unconscious mind. By being aware and observant of what is going on, without giving it power over you, you will be participating in collapsing that system and taking from the power of the ritual instead. When you are finally awake to the reality of this, you will be bored by these things that scare you at first, it just becomes obvious and somewhat pathetic after a while when the shock wears off and education sets in. So, the goal is to be able to see quite clearly what is going on without giving it power to impact your emotional and mental bodies.

I have heard lightworkers make comments similar to the following when confronted with others who are addressing and witnessing these dark games coming to the surface. These types of distorted beliefs, like the one below, are what I refer to as the “See No Evil” programming. The SNE program will express itself similarly to this:

“Do not talk about Illuminati agendas and rituals at all, because, you will just feed them your energy and make it worse. You should only talk about the reality you want to create instead and not give any energy to the dark side”

This concept above is the basis for most SNE distortions. People, mislead by these programs will try to convince you that you are just as guilty as the black magicians in the Illuminati for acknowledging their game to begin with. They will want you to believe that there is some magic in avoiding the truth and simply aligning to what you think you want. The lie is that by observing and becoming aware of the evil you are feeding it your energy, when as long as you approach it from a higher perspective the opposite occurs. So, this attitude is a misunderstanding, as I explained, by witnessing and becoming aware of these games and black magic systems we actually are exposing their secrets and taking from their power not adding to it. If we react to the knowledge of their games with fear and perpetuate fear among others or polarity games of hate or blame than yes, we are ultimately subjecting ourselves to their black magic systems and abuse without realizing it. By being unaware and engaging with the rituals in pleasure or enjoyment we are also participating, so awareness is the only way out of the system completely. No slave was ever freed from daydreaming about being free, he had to understand his situation in order to get out.

In general, anytime we react with fear or blame games we are participating in polarity systems and not perceiving with our unified mind or true divine self. That is the danger with all things here and means you are participating with the illusion instead of anchoring the truth. Anytime you allow yourself to feel like a victim you are being influenced by the Victim/ Victimizer software or program that is a basic foundation of their control systems here. This is a challenge for all of us in every area of life and we are all here to create and experience this process. Although, it is normal when first awakening to the level of manipulation and control our planet and our species is presently under to be angry and upset or scared, it is a reaction that passes with time and must be worked through. Those of us who are awake can stand in the gap and help these awakening beings accept this reality without fear and explain to them how this works so that there is less misunderstanding. We can encourage them by insisting that we have already gone through the realization of evil and that it is going to be okay, nothing has changed just because, they are learning the truth and they still must seek inner peace and acceptance as the best method of defense. Awareness of the details of how the Illuminati operate is a natural part of exposing these systems and rendering them powerless here in the future. If we are to ascend in greater numbers and have an overall impact on the collective timeline than we will see these things exposed eventually during that process, it is unavoidable and desirable.

The Illuminati members are the ones who demand silence from their members, from the media and from anyone who is aware. They are the ones perpetuating the lie that speaking about it only makes it more real, this is a distorted interpretation of how reality works, not higher truth. Our power over their black magic systems lies in the higher dimensions of the self. By participating in the ascension process on an individual basis, we can learn to harness and connect into our higher dimensional selves and bodies and perspectives. By tapping into this and anchoring that awareness into our physical body and perceiving the world through those eyes we surpass the dimension of reality where their black magic systems have power and are able to override them. When we see through the eyes of unity and truth, all the lies have no power and they do not get power over us just, because, we are aware and able to recognize the dark agendas and operations exist. Contrary to popular belief, the evil will not lose power if we ignore it either, we must be a part of the solution and so we will have to acknowledge the problem to achieve that.

In summary, we must become aware of the “See No Evil” distortion and not fall into it by being able to recognize the truth of evil without giving it power over our emotional bodies. It takes time to accept and integrate the level of enslavement and control this planet and our species is being subjected to and there is a level of shock, fear, denial and then acceptance that must be experienced by anyone truly awakening. However, as ascending beings we can assist our brothers and sisters through this process with as little fear as possible by sharing the truth of the situation with them without fear of the evil and especially without fear of the revelation or exposure of it. Those attitudes only feed the negative alien agenda of silence and concealment. We must be willing and able to address and speak about these systems and agendas operating on our planet from a level of neutral observance or witnessing in order to transcend those systems and collapse the timelines where they are ultimately successful. No darkness or evil existing in the 4D is all powerful or unable to be transcended, if that were so there would not be starseeds here at this time participating with the ascension effort. We came here, because, we chose to help. We chose to help, because, it is not hopeless and we knew we could assist and we still are.

The solutions lie within us and the more of us who can process the 3 and 4D internally and ascend individually will literally impact the whole and make that ascension journey available to others. We are very powerful and it is true that the Illuminati and aliens controlling them have many methods of harnessing and abusing our own energies to serve their agenda, but, they rely on our silence and ignorance to achieve that. They cannot harness our higher witness when we are aware of ourselves and integrated and as long as we are operating from that platform we are actually collapsing their systems by bringing attention to them, not helping them. The SNE program will use someone to tell you that you are actually feeding their systems by busting them and they rely on your ignorance regarding the topic of energy manifestation in order to achieve their goal of your silence. Don’t fall for this anymore beloveds and stand in your truth to help others waking up. We can do this together, but, it will take bringing the darkness to the light to achieve ascension and this means on the individual and planetary levels. We cannot fear the darkness within or without and we cannot avoid it either. We can heal this, I believe in us and our abilities to expose the lies and make truth available for more numbers of humanity ❤

MILAB “Intergalactic Star Language” Examples


Yesterday, I wrote a note about my experiences with real star language which comes from the heart in order to aid in our healing and transformation. I also talked a bit about the dangers of some written star language being marketed as legitimate tools to achieve ascension. In order to be very clear, I have taken a picture of the star language symbols I am aware of as being used to program MILAB and other mind control victims. There are several programs related to false invasion scenarios, for which innocent victims were abducted and installed with military mind control programming in order to fulfill their roles. The first time I ever got a Reiki treatment I remember the girl performing it on me was very startled and upset by what she called “alien language” overwhelming her clairvoyance. At the time I did not understand my status as an MILAB and didn’t know what to make of it, I simply assumed it had something to do with my benevolent ET contact that I was aware of. Anyway, 8 years and over 20 personalities later, I understand what was happening to me and realize how serious a topic this stuff really is and how dangerous it is to have no discernment regarding the reality of these programs. In order to aid justice I have decided to share these images of MILAB star language programming symbols being used on victims of projects like Operation Blue Beam, Green star and the like. If you see these images on materials being marketed as spiritual items, be very cautious and really listen to your internal guidance- not anyone or any being outside yourself. True discernment comes from within, from your spirit. Also if you meet any beings in the astral or personally who try to use these images to communicate, please immediately use your personal method of protection and banishment against the sender of such codes and reunify with your ancestors and personal family of light to find protection and support. Namaste~



Early Memories of Alien Contact as a Child

The couple first times I had contact from what I believe to be extra-terrestrial beings, I was about five years old, give or take a year. The first time I saw something that I believe was an alien, it was Easter Eve. My family celebrated Easter a little like Christmas, in the respect that the Easter Bunny came as a thief in the night and hid all the eggs my sister and I made, and then left a basket full of goodies, as well as gifts for each of us. As far as I could perceive, it was somewhere in the middle of the night or early morning that I awoke in the darkness, for what was apparently no reason. My twin bed was set across the room from my sister, and laid against the wall that had a window. The window was over the center of my bed, and when I awoke, I sat straight up. I felt like I had landed in my body from several feet above my body and awoke with a start. This is another phenomena that I have experienced many, many times in my life and this is the earliest time I remember ever having that out of body feeling followed by a “crash landing” when I awoke.

The window was to my right and had a valance hanging across the top of it and a shade that was made of vinyl and was pulled straight down to cover the window, and to release it you would tug on the bottom and it would snap and roll back up to the top. The vinyl pull-shade was a pale yellow color. The shade was closed, yet I could see two large, sideway teardrop shaped eyes seemingly burning straight through the shade. I don’t recall the shape of the body and don’t think I could see that through the shade it was just a set of large eyes. I wasn’t scared at all, I immediately assumed this large eyed-creature (which appearing to be only 3 or so feet tall judging from the height of the eyes), was the Easter Bunny. I immediately closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. I remember worrying that the Easter Bunny could be like Santa Clause and might pass me over if I was awake. My only hope was that the “Easter Bunny” didn’t see me look at it.

The second time, I believe I was personally contacted by an ET I was in bed once again. I couldn’t sleep well and was just laying there in bed, probably thinking about something much to complicated for a 5 year old child. I was playing with my hand hanging over my bed, and i was looking at my fingers. I noticed a glow around my fingers, like my hand lit up for a moment, and I suddenly felt very not alone. I sat up and saw the most beautiful glowing creature sitting at the end of my bed on a rocking chair or something. It was tall, not just like adults, much taller. I couldn’t really make out features that I remember, I just remember the golden glow and that it seemed to be a woman. The belief that this creature was a woman was completely intuitive and had nothing to do with physical build or facial features- I just felt this being was like a mother. It felt like a mother so much that I was comforted by it’s presence. I pulled my knees up to my chest and stared at her for a moment, and the next thing I remember is that she read me a book. Although I do not recall her voice or it’s audible sound, I do recall understanding a child’s story telepathically coming from the creature and feeling immense amounts of love and connection.

I thought of this woman as my secret mother, and instinctively knew it should be secret. After the story, I only remember going back to sleep and never questioned the experience when I awoke in the morning. It was real, it was not a dream. I knew the difference between dreams and reality at that age, I was very gifted and had an abnormally high intelligence. This experience happened, and it wouldn’t be the last time I would be contacted by beings from the heavens, who claimed to know me, love me and even help me. The same star mother who came to me then, still intervenes in my life when necessary, at 33 yrs old.Image

Kundalini Awakening- Symptoms and Information

There is a physical force called kundalini which is responsible for initiating and facilitating the process of spiritual growth and evolution in our bodies. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning “circular power” and best describes the activity of that force upon and within our bodies. The kundalini energy rises from the base of your tailbone up the central vertical energy channel of your body and nourishes the whole organism through energy channels called nadis, meridians and chakras.

Nadis and meridians are energy pathways worked on by acupuncturists and Reiki practitioners which nourish and energize our body and it’s cells with chi, prana or life force energy. The seven main chakras run up the center of the body along the central vertical column and are like vortexes of energy that spiral in and out, while pulling a channel of energy through itself in a circular motion. The management and direction of the energy being sucked through the chakras happens along pathways existing over the whole body. Although, there are scores of small chakras along the body in various locations the seven largest ones are of most importance when familiarizing yourself with the reality and function of kundalini and the human chakras system.

Kundalini is an evolutionary force present within the Earth and it is available to all creatures living on her surface via the chakra system and energy channels which exist on the etheric plane and interpenetrate our astral and physical bodies forming a connective network of energy channeling. The etheric complex makes the life force energy available to the organs and cells on the physical level and also channel subtle and emotional energies along the pathways. With my spiritual gifts I may perceive information regarding the health of your astral body and I may do this using my clairvoyance to identify apparent blocks, leaks and the like in your aura. When there are blocks, or holes in your energy system your organs and limbs may get sick and the emotional and mental body can also feel fragmented and disturbed. In this way even mental imbalances may be able to be “seen” with the inner vision as a manifestation in the etheric body of the energy disturbance.

It is the kundalini that initiates and facilitates spiritual awakening as it rises from the sacral chakra at the base of your tailbone all the way up out the top of your head from your crown chakra like a fountain. The kundalini rises through the body cleansing and releasing karma, while aiding with the incarnation or realization of the higher self or preparing you for the birth of your body of light. Kundalini is not properly understood by western practitioners of medicine yet and as a result many people are misdiagnosed with mental illness and physical disease due to an ignorance regarding the awakening and kundalini process.

When the rising of kundalini is initiated purposefully with intention or via some technique it is said to be voluntary. When a person who is uneducated about the existence of kundalini experiences the results of it without having the desire for it or soliciting it in anyway than it is said to be an “involuntary” release of kundalini. Involuntary kundalini awakening can be highly traumatic for the uneducated person experiencing it and can develop into physical illness and mental illness if not properly managed.

You may experience kundalini awakening as a physical energy being ignited at the bottom of the spine and rising up it; you may even perceive that it wriggles up it like a snake. You may be filled with creative energy, physical energy, sexual excitement, sudden increase in physical, mental, emotional and psychic abilities and spontaneous healing. The shadow side of kundalini rising is the potential for undesirable side effects when the energetic pathways are blocked and our mental structures are rigid. The negative side effects can include: aches and flu like symptoms, fatigue, anxiety, rapid heart beat and fluttering, confusion and delusional ideas, paranoia and psychosis, bi-polar type personality symptoms, poor or increased appetite, brittle hair and nails, fear you are going crazy, etc. Luckily, when we understand the process of kundalini awakening and have the proper information and support available to us during a bad kundalini experience it doesn’t have to last long or be that bad. When people experience these symptoms without any reference for the experience the possibility of long term mental illness ensues.

The kundalini addresses all layers of the individual and if the person is not properly cleansed or if there is a presence of improper energy patterns and negativity it could get clogged or even be perceived as painful. If there are no major complications and you release a lot of layers at once, you may be in a wonderful state for days, weeks or more. You may find new physical strength, health, mental understandings, self growth and renewal on many levels. Many people experience the presence of such a state for some time and then it can subside to depression at some point afterward when things seem dull again. Once, you begin the process of kundalini release it cannot be undone. Releasing kundalini is like peeling back limitations around the body and mind and witnessing magical, new growth occurring from within.

The worst effects result in noticeable multiple personalities, obvious psychosis, distortion of memory and vasolate between brilliance and dullness or suffer from unexplainable and complicated fears. These severe results usually happen to people with a history of psychological trauma and have very little resources or support from others during their processes. Involuntary kundalini rising can also be triggered by a tailbone injury, excessive meditation. excessive sexual practices, using certain drugs, trauma, grief and excessive fears. With more education, it is my belief that more of these people could be healed completely from their apparent mental states of illness. Perhaps, one day we will see efforts in the medical community to educate one another more about the topic in America and research funded which would support the wisdom and truth known by the ancients. For a general understanding of kundalini rising and the information discussed above I highly recommend the book “Evolution in this Lifetime a Practical Guide: Kundalini and the Chakras” by Genevieve Lewis Paulson.

Another book that I highly recommend on the subject of kundalini and more specifically the 7 chakra system is “Eastern Body, Western Mind” by: Anodea Judith. This book covers a lot of great information concerning each chakra and what physical, mental and emotional issues must be addressed regarding each one to experience health. Dr. Judith also gives many different suggestions for various techniques regarding working with your chakra system and your whole self during your journey to self health and whole person wellness.
~ Peace, Tu’Image

Photo by Mustash2003