7 Steps of Alchemical Transformation: The Process of Ascension


These 7 Steps of Alchemical Transformation~ What is Ascension:

(VERY IMPORTANT KNOWLEDGE) Below describe what the ascension process is like according to the alchemists and which is in harmony with my personal experience. I can back their claims up with my own testimony. I speak about the Alchemical concepts of sacred union from the perspective of experiencer, not just researcher.

These 7 steps happened non-linearly and they enable the growth of consciousness in all directions. These 7 steps can be related to each of the 7 chakras and planets as well and are part of an anciently recognized process of permanent transformation that actually gave birth to modern science and has been under attack by the Roman Catholic Church for thousands of years. It is this info they do not want us to understand and this IS the ascension process broken down and explained in step by step human terms.

1) CALCINATION: The first step is called calcination and in your personal experience it can be equated to the trials and tribulations that arise in life to point out your short comings and inspire transformation. The process is meant to assist in destroying the ego’s attachment to material things or things outside of the self and is often humbling. When you realize that change is necessary due to unavoidable indications you are inadequate in some area it can feel crushing and overwhelming, but, ultimately it is the crisis that fuels the needed change. Physically calcination is related to exercise and chemically to fire as it burns away at all material that is undesirable. Psychologically and spiritually it is the flames of the higher consciousness which will burn away the dross of the restricting habits, beliefs and limitations of the ego self.

2) DISSOLUTION: During dissolution the conscious mind is forced to let go of controlling everything so that previously repressed consciousness material may come to the surface awareness and previously held ideas and rigid structures are destroyed within the psyche and interior world. This step is associated with the second chakra and the kundalini experience being continued from the first chakra and energizing the rest of the body with it’s energy. During dissolution you may experience more profound dreams, visions and voices which are all experienced in order to push the boundaries of your rational mind and allow for the realization of new material to take place.

3) SEPARATION: The third step is associated with your 3rd or solar plexus chakra. During separation your soul comes together with spirit and for the first time experiences a higher perspective that is brought back to your daily awareness. The new perspective gave the soul the discernment for performing the act of separation and discarding of unwanted materials realized during the first two steps. During childhood the rational masculine mind rejects the contents of the feminine and other aspects of the true self that were not recognized by others or encouraged by family members and teachers. When we discard our unworthy attitudes and beliefs in the step of separation more aspects of our own self are able to be revealed to us, often restoring pieces of our self image from childhood as we were originally intended to be and to perceive ourselves as. Now that your blocks and misspent energies have been identified and released, there is more conscious energy available to you to further your transformation and growth with. You may begin to have deep revelations of your own innocence during or after this phase. It will be important to claim your innocence permanently, but, not cast blame and judgment onto others either. Just as spirit is embracing and restoring you right where you are at remember to accept and not hold bitterness toward others you have judged. The energy it takes to judge another being and truly despise them could be energy full of light and power, directed toward your true life expression.

4) CONJUNCTION: The fourth chakra, the heart chakra, is associated with the process of conjunction. During conjunction you are performing the marriage of the two sides of consciousness within, the solar and lunar or male and female intelligences. The stage also represents the merger of matter and spirit by joining the three steps below with the three steps above. During conjunction it is only the purest parts of the self that are recombined for transformation and a new type of heart intelligence is born. Many people call this level of consciousness “living from the heart” and it is a new type of perceiving reality that is experienced as being superior to feeling or thought alone. When conjunction is achieved you may also notice an enhancement of your intuitive faculties and the realization that there is much less to say and much more to listen to. Most of your beliefs will be under scrutiny and you may find that layers of old fears and dogma were literally stripped from your mind during the process. You may perceive yourself from many new and startling angles and should also catch a glimpse of your elusive friend your shadow making his presence known.

5) FERMENTATION: The 5th throat chakra is related to the process of fermentation. Fermentation represents the new life that is born from the putrefaction of another living organism. The symbolism suggests a presence of new life and along with it new vitality. At this step an important solidification of the soul and spirit’s merger becomes permanent and the new life force finally overcomes the original identity with its higher presence. The new spiritual power and presence begins to rejuvenate and invigorate the new life, adding a new level of insight, identity and divine inspiration to your perception. You will most likely experience an increase in creative abilities and perception, including symbolism. It is the further arousal and movement of kundalini and these experiences which inspired many mystical and religious works of antiquity. During one fermentation cycle, I laid in bed for several days having stream of visions involving the selling of organs, death, concentration camps and necromancy. I felt like my own organs had been placed in jars and then put back in my body and my body put together again with nails and ancient tools being used on my etheric body as it felt like it was being reassembled. I could smell formaldehyde all around me off and on for days and had visions of being hacked to pieces and my family and loved ones being hacked to pieces in my mind’s eye. It was all very intense and although, what I described was just one personal experience it is good to know that there are reasons why our psyche could produce images of death and dismemberment, in fact, these are classic images of one stage within a very natural process of transformation and with proper understanding the person experiencing them can express themselves artistically and healthily without fear that they are simply psychotic.

6) DISTILLATION: Just as distilled water is boiled to increase it’s purity, so is our psyche agitated and challenged during the distillation process in order to ensure that all the lower thought forms, habits and contents of our original ego mind are completely separated from the fermented being. At this point the kundalini is raised from the sacral chakra in the tailbone (first chakra) to the brain and pineal gland and it is represented by the 3rd eye chakra in the center of the forehead for this reason. Techniques such as introspection and reflection are used at this stage to identify those things which do not belong to our new and reborn self. Distillation allows us to become refined and purified from all lower functions as the sublimated spiritual presence is released within us. After having an experience of distillation you will think and process your reality differently, having a much deeper understanding of purity in the mind. Going through distillation was like having a resident angel in my body for days who filtered all energy coming from me and to me and rebuffed illusions on the mental plane while reaffirming higher truths. The whole process was experienced for me like having a kind instructor in my presence for several days and all remaining mumbo jumbo and old programs were identified and discarded, while having higher ideas regarding mental, spiritual and energetic truths left in their place. This process went as deep as I was ready for at the time and will happen again at a deeper level when the time is best for me. Although, humanity’s evolution as a whole is guided and influenced astrologically, our ability to address our true mental and emotional contents and integrate change is based on a personal choice to accept grace and actually attempt it. When I have my next run in with distillation, surely more of my unacknowledged shadow aspects will be brought to my attention and I also receive more truth and wisdom in its place, the cycle continues as long as there is work to do and this is one example of why the work is truly individual in nature and can not be a group process, although we can enjoy groups to support one another as individuals.

7) COAGULATION: Coagulation is like the precipitation of purified ferment which arose during the distillation. The final operation of coagulation occurs in the 7th or crown chakra on the top of your head which effects the pituitary gland. It is believed that some sort of brain ambrosia is released from the pineal gland (phallic in shape) and that it combines with the matter of the pituitary (vulva shaped gland) to give birth to your permanent body of light; which is the immortal vehicle for your highest aspirations and evolved aspects of your mind. The body of light retains your memories and feelings from your lifetime on Earth and is able to become one with soul and spirit at death. The body of light is similar to the concept of the astral body raised and purified through repeated cycles of the entire process until only the true essence of the astral and mental faculties of the individual remains. The remaining being is your rebirth and that is the part of you which is immortal and born from humanity. This body of light is the “Greater or Philosopher’s Stone” of the alchemists and it nourishes the cells of the physical body without waste product. The achievement of a permanent state of coagulation is also referred to as a return to the Garden of Eden and denotes a solid unification with the Divine Mind. This stage releases that astral body of light that is the goal of many spiritual movements to introduce you to and is also the method by which alternate realities and dimensions of existence are experienced by an individual while incarnated on Earth.