Shapeshifting and the Magic of ONE

Shapeshifting and the Magic of ONE

There is a Oneness here on Gaia and ALL beings and creatures are connected through it. This does not mean all things are equal in power and authority nor are they alike; it means that Divine power and authority can be invoked over and from within ALL things and that all things are able to be experienced by the One true self. I think it is easiest to understand this with your ego mind just like you experience having a dream. You dreamt of many people last night and you experienced yourself as separate from them, yet in truth it was only your mind creating them all. In that dream universe you were the One true self, but, while you were having the dream you experienced creating characters, physical landscape and scenery, dialogue etc. Quantum physics shows us that at the fundamental level physicality is an illusion too and that matter itself only exists as non- polarized potential until the action of man’s mind is placed upon it, something called “The Observer Effect.”

The hermetic law of mentalism basically says that all is mind. That Divine power I speak of is what the Native Americans call the Great Spirit and what some call the All That Is. It is the attributes of the creator called omnipotence and omnipresence that can be experienced by the soul of a human who has united with the creator of ALL That IS internally, at least long enough to have the experience. If even for a moment, those of us who have had these spontaneous awakenings are never the same again. In order to experience these heightened states and to perceive with them ALL parts of the self, all energies in the creation and all emotions, thoughts, perceptions and senses are awakened and available to the creator at once.

The Divine creator has no judgment on any aspects of the creation that can be experienced or accessed through us, so if your ego mind is still caught up in polarized thinking and judgment, you will limit the experience with your own restrictions and the divine being cannot become awakened or self-aware within you long enough for you to perceive of yourself as such. It is like saying to the great I AM, “There is no room for your experiences here as I have chosen to block out and judge all dark, powerful or confusing energies that I do not understand with my ego mind. My ideas about myself and what is good or bad do not relate to what the divine being sees, feels and perceives so I choose my own ideas instead.”

Remember, the story of Genesis and the Garden of Eden? The snake tempted Eve and Adam to eat of the Tree of Good and Evil under the impression it would make them like Gods. This is the problem, it is the Good vrs. Evil, the black and white thinking, the 0’s and 1’s that create the matrix and the perception of shame, judgment and fear. The garden of Eden represents a higher state of consciousness, from which they fell due to this division and “they knew for the first time that they were naked and were ashamed.” We cannot experience the unity in its entirety if we are stuck in light and dark paradigms of judgment.

To perceive reality without any judgment, the human consciousness, an ego in submission, must be in complete submission to the experiences and perceptions of the divine being within. You allow the Divine to perceive of him/ herself from within you and then you receive the impression of much larger realities from having that exchange. When you dream lucidly you acknowledge the fact that you are only dreaming and allow yourself to experience whatever you would like to create for yourself. When I lucid dream I like to fly and have adventures. What does the Divine wish to do when she/ he is awoken within you? What were you made to do and how do you fit into the bigger picture? The answers to these questions seem to be get clearer with time, and the impressions received and comprehended will get larger and you will experience yourself piecing them together like a puzzle as more time goes on. The initially fragmented and seemingly unrelated experiences eventually come together to expose the larger mind at work in your life which exposes the oneness of reality and allows you a peek behind the veil.

I bring up the Oneness since it allows us to penetrate and access any energy within the creation from within. This is the skill that shamans who shapeshift have mastered by allowing themselves to unite with the primal energies of the nature and animal kingdoms. Shamans may shapeshift to access or embody these energies in order to boost certain primal powers like strength and hearing, vision etc. In order to access the powers of these archetypes we must be comfortable using our whole brain at once and thinking, feeling, sensing and intuition are used in unison and harmony without conflict or preference for polarized energies and forms. In society we are trained to divide ourselves in many ways, to value one sense over another and this blocks shapeshifting and animal sensing abilities.

Earth energies, elemental and nature powers do not feel angelic at all since they are not stellar energies. Earth energies feel powerful and overwhelming and very, very physical to experience so they can easily be misjudged and labeled demonic or negative by any of us who do not understand these things and have learned to polarize light and dark in order to practice discernment. This is a common situation for spiritual people accustomed to the more subtle angelic frequencies, but, for those with the fairy fire in their blood that facilitates these magical connections to the Earth realms spontaneously, it can be misunderstood as bi-polar mood disorders, personality disorders and in some cases, psychosis can manifest when the condition continues to go unaccepted and misunderstood. The witches of old had a term for what is now called a light body activation. It was called a “re-veining” and when I had the experience of being re-veined with stellar light I would have chosen the term, re-wiring, as that was exactly what it felt like.

Stellar and Earth energies are both our inheritance as humanity and multidimensional existence is our truth. Our multidimensional existence may include incarnational lifetimes as various life forms on other planets too. Our existence on this planet is still an illusion cloaked in matter which hides the true nature of our real identity as a unique aspect of the One Divine Being. The history on this planet has been distorted and hidden so that humanity would never know themselves and embrace their hidden potential and awareness. But, for many of us the memories and the perceptions are too real to ignore. If I am describing you or your child I encourage you to embrace your whole self and to open up to the possibility that you are a magical creature too and that you are allowed to exist here without judgment or fear this lifetime.

Our children are allowed to see ghosts, to act like different animals, to make strange noises and speak in different languages and so are we. If you felt like you were a vampire as a child or like fairies were watching you, maybe they were. Gaia had many races of beings here far into the past and future over many cycles of time and many of us living right now are those same beings on different timelines. The multidimensional nature of the soul is such that it is possible to perceive these aspects of yourself regardless of where in time or space they seem to exist separately. The ancient past is the distant future as well and so all memories and knowledge can be transferred via the Oneness and beyond divisions of time and space. Multidimensional realities are not new phenomena, they are ancient realities forgotten and denied by beings who have limited their perceptions and experiences to those that society allows. So, the next time you feel frisky like a wild animal instead of suppressing and denying that feeling indulge it! The next time you think you see a ghost, try to talk to it. The next time your child’s teacher tells you to stifle your kid’s creativity tell her what she is doing. It is not illegal to be magical, so why is the world set up that way?

The presence of primal powers and instinctual archetypes of manifestation are imprinted into the consciousness of Gaia and these energies are not necessarily evil simply because they are not human soul or angelic/ stellar intelligence. The fairy/ elven bloodlines are naturally sensitive to these Earth based multidimensional realities and the presence and interference of these archetypes with the person’s life will be perceived by them even if they don’t comprehend what it is. In a magical bloodline family some of those perceived “demons” simply need to be understood, mastered and maybe even exercised once in a while; but, certainly not cast out or “exorcised” as Christianity teaches. Tales of shamans who could turn into big panthers, flying birds and even good and evil shapeshifting reptiles exist in the indigenous cultures around the world. Magically sensitive people sense energies and can sometimes feel like they are flowing with them, which is also called shapeshifting.

Internal primal forces and non-human aspects exist within us, as well as, outside of us. If you are aware of your connections to them you are better to respect them and harness them toward your personal and tribal wellbeing then to be separated from them out of fear or judgment. To recollect our whole self without polarization and separation we must learn how to embrace these natures and forces as simply being more expanded aspects of the ONE true self to be honored and integrated as tools under the higher will; if true power is to be experienced when needed. Much occurs on the astral level of reality that humanity is mostly unaware of, yet, the astral plane is very powerful and effects what manifests into physicality for each of us as individuals and collectively.

Magical beings participate in the astral plane of manifestation to effect change that assists Gaia and humanity to reclaim its higher dimensional realities and expand its consciousness and connectivity with the whole. Just like some lightworkers work with the astral and energetic grids, Shapeshifters with astral abilities can perform in many roles like a spy and also go undetected for safety on the astral plane by shifting energetic form. You can also defend yourself on the astral plane by shifting energetically into something more powerful or evil, which deters the dangerous being from targeting or detecting you. This form of shapeshifting is done on the astral and mental level and yet the energy bodies can be seen to take the form of the animal or another being around the outside of the physical body by someone with clairvoyant sight and sometimes even those without. Animal powers and enhanced abilities also kick in when shifting energetically and so these abilities are a gift, not a curse, it is only perceived as a curse when it is misunderstood and feels like it is turned against you or you believe it is something evil and reject yourself.

Physical shapeshifting is also possible for some who knows how to completely let go and trust divine power. Think about it, if I can awaken and fly in my dreams, where physicality and gravity appear to exist until I simply start believing they do not, then, surely the One being awakened within my form has the potential to transform any part of the illusion of physicality, since we know it is ultimately an illusion. If I were to doubt the power of the Divine being to do so, though, I would not be able to perceive such a miracle due to doubt and I suspect humanity fails to experience more miracles due to this problem. Religious thought and polarized black and white thinking about good and evil keep us from being able to embrace these experiences and lead to our own projections of fear and judgment upon these changes when the magical shape shifting impulse occurs.

By projecting fears of demon possession, fallen angels and satanic concepts onto these naturally pre-existing energies we deny ourselves the experiences and power that are actually found there. There are archetypal creatures that are more like ancestors for many of us and are powerful connections to our past and heritage, not all humans are simply human. There are several shows on TV these days that confront this hidden truth. Shows such as Charmed, True Blood and Hemlock Grove are based around the concept of magical clans and bloodlines that contain the hidden powers of creatures thought fiction like vampires, witches and fairies. These beings are not fiction, they exist deep within our history and heritage on this planet. These labels, however, like most others are not understood very well and we have distorted ideas about them plaguing society. However, perceiving these things does not make you mad at all, it makes you insightful actually. It is the judgment and fears of these perceptions which cause them to become unmanageable for the experiencer and can turn into paranoia and chaos or possession if not channeled appropriately.

The attack on magic in all forms of paganism and Gnosticism, including Gnostic Christianity by the Roman Catholic Church has always been an agenda to strip of us our true heritage, our awareness of ourselves, and our participation with Gaia and Universal ascension energies and archetypes. It was judging and separating myself from all I perceived as dark or non-resonant with my stellar aspects that perpetuated a split in my psyche that is healing. This is a split that exists throughout our culture and our races, as it was a deliberate side effect of multi-generational social programing. There is a movie called the Golden Compass and it is about this very thing of which I speak, go and watch it if you do not believe me, the whole movie depicts the multigenerational programming and enslavement achieved by the Roman Catholic Church and their Rothschild financial lords.

The movie depicts the split between parents and children, adults and nature and the attack on the multidimensional and animalistic powers of the human soul by these elite forces. It even portrays the use of electronics and technology to literally divide children from their animal powers in order to create half alive zombies and the rigidity of adulthood under their regime which crystalizes the otherwise fluid nature of the soul which restricts it’s abilities to shapeshift.

That is where most people lose out, they judge and block something that if allowed to present itself fully would reveal the deeper intention which is pure and the deeper power, which is quite intense. The other aspect of this type of awareness is that you will no doubt eventually encounter more aspects and incarnations of yourself that exist multidimensionally. Sometimes, these aspects of yourself existing in various timelines have abilities and knowledge that you do not have in this incarnation. Divinity opens this gateway and the meeting enables the transference of the knowledge and wisdom you collected in other lifetimes to your conscious self now.

It is beholding this experience of expanded awareness and multidimensional existence in a passive state that allows the ego mind to perceive the expanded reality and to deduce more truth regarding the real self. Once, you have encountered and accepted the reality of your multidimensional selves you may experience a feeling of energetically shapeshifting into them at times when some type of transference is required. The ego gets a bad rap, but, as a well-trained tool for the higher self it is an asset for increasing awareness and functioning between worlds. When we project ideas of judgment, light and dark, good and evil onto divine inspiration and magical impulses we are bowing to the perceived notions of our ego mind. It is only when we submit to the ego instead of the higher mind that we create a distortion and block our ascension and experience of multidimensionality and divinity within. By letting go of social programs and limiting belief systems that tell us magic is impossible, we create the space that will allow for a miracle to unfold within the mind and reality of the being who let’s go of those constructs and simply knows that magic IS.

©Tu’ Takana


Ascent of the Human Soul

Ascent of the Human Soul


The wings of the soul can wither and fall away, causing us to be Earth bound in spirit. The wings of the soul can also be regrown, however, it is not as easy as we would like to believe it is to do so. The wings of our soul are those things which constantly endeavor upwards to the heavens, always attempting to lift us up toward the Gods. The wings grow stronger and take us higher when we fuel them with the essence of the living forms, the divine templates of creation.

The living forms and templates are not, however, physical things or geometric shapes, as some would have us believe. The divine forms are living things which cannot be caught into a shape permanently here in the physical. They are the essence of the soul herself, that which animates all things in the universe with her ceaseless motion. The forms, therefore, are those things which we notice occurring between us that are reminiscent of the soul herself, those behaviors and attitudes which can be observed and which humanity today has watered down into a one word explanation labeled “love.” The divine templates of the living God are a kin to what we call virtues ,such as, goodness, gentleness, justice, wisdom, beauty and the like.

When the human being engages with the living form and learns to direct his human self, which is inherently Earth bound, the soul grows wings which will cause her to ascend into the heavens, causing her body to become what is termed “angelic.” With a soul in the heavens, the body becomes a tool of the divine and all works become acts of grace, for through the messenger a voice of reason and truth can be given to humanity and acts of compassion and grace can be performed. Most humans are in need of this truth desperately; as it is deliberately kept from her by the wicked ones, those we call the Nephilim.

The Nephilim are those vampiric spirits which are Earth bound and which were once called Giants who originated from the inbred marriages of Annunaki who fell to Earth from a planet in the heavens called Nibiru. These beings are also bound here and in direct opposition to the God of All with their defiance tampering with the Ape-man species Homo-Erectus to begin with. The Annunaki were brilliant, but, they were already a race in spiritual decline and participated heavily in misogyny and war. It is no wonder their own planet was in danger of dying considering natural law, but, they used their intellectualism to put a band-aid over their problems. They came to Earth and harvested gold in order to seal their atmosphere. Homo-Erectus was created by them to perform the labor and a genetic upgrade was given to them for this task.

Now, we are still the offspring of this and there was ultimately a divine plan for our race. Our Annunaki genetics gave us the capacity to be ensouled in a heavenly way, while our monkey heritage gives us an Earth bound survival instinct and drive which the soul must tame in order to create a divine human. And humanity was granted this capacity for divinity; and this is what the Nephilim hate us most for. The Nephilim themselves have already been judged and they would like to keep humanity in ignorance of her soul, their savior, and their ability to ascend the control freak bloodlines of the Nephilim who are set and determined to claim ownership over humanity and her living soul.

The wicked ones know that if a human feeds himself not on the light and life of the living forms of the soul, their wings will atrophy and fall off. That is why the television and music today is used as a form of dark witchcraft to keep humans feeding themselves on the lusts of their Earthly body. Emotion like anger, rage, addiction, sexual deviance, domination, competition, doubt, synicism and tyranny cause the wings to become Earth bound and allow humanity to be bred and enslaved continuously by the Nephilim.

The only way to see their game, to rise above it and to transcend the pain of this reality is to grown the wings of your soul and allow yourself to fly, by learning to be the charioteer. You must learn to manage two forces, the Terran, instinctual drives and the divine inclination towards the soul. You must choose a way to manage these dual forces within and to seek the forms of the soul, which are eternal, in order to know ourselves in this way. The growth of our wings means engaging those virtuous energies which are in themselves evidence of the soul’s existence. What is a moment of beauty? Consider that exchange and the essence of such will reveal a divine form in movement. Christ said to worship the living God and this is what he meant. Where your attention goes your energy flows, so, it is good to seek the evidence of our soul above all else and have faith in our assistance from Christ in all things; and the joy of this will lead us to the kingdom of heaven. “For not by my will, but, YOURS be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”



Q&A How do I know if i am a mind control victim and what can I do?

Q&A How do I know if i am a mind control victim and what can I do?

I wish I had a more encouraging response for you, but, the truth is that recovery from this stuff is a life long process and you have to learn to live day to day, and keep moving forward no matter how deep the rabbit hole goes. You see, when you reclaim “alters” (the deliberately created personalities) that have been programmed you have to deal with layers of issues. The trauma and the memory of it to some degree usually does accompany reclaiming an alter. You may not remember the details, but, may feel the terror or emotion that was attached to the experience and be somewhat aware of what happened at least. Sometimes, you will get fragmented memories that take years and years to make sense when you put them together.

Then there is the programing that the alter recovered may have or that other alters that act as gatekeepers for that alter may have in order to keep you from completely reclaiming that part and any info and memories that it may have access too. Also, underneath that personality there can be another layer of alters and gatekeepers with the same problems, programming and spiritual entities that control the contents of the mind control system (which ARE your alternate personalities) and to keep them working together in a way that serves the programmers and keeps you from becoming aware of what is going on with them. Depending on how complex your mind control system is, simply understanding what is going on below your regular awareness is quite a challenge and requires your total dedication.

On top of that, when you do get to your alters and start recovering memories it sends warning signals to your deeper level alters alerting them that you are endangering the system and they can alert the handlers and programmers who may abduct you and re-program you. They may harass or punish you in various ways when you stop cooperating and start fighting, it just depends on what you are being used for and if you are still considered an active asset for anyone or there is concern that you will recover memories that endanger the secrecy of the perpetrators. In my case I carried information and had my memory erased a lot with electrocution, I will prob never remember what it was I knew before I delivered it (the message) and the people who received it erased it, but, I do remember the electrocution through body memories where my body recovers the memory and relives the trauma. I have recovered fragments of memory from these types of things and usually that happens guided by spirit, you can feel spirit is there and the emotion, your whole body feels it and there is a danger of thinking it is happening right then and reacting hysterically. It is called “flashbacks” and I highly recommend you do some reading on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

If you want to understand how mind control slaves are created in more detail to see if any of it fits your life experience or it triggers memories, I recommend you read this only with a support system in place in case it does trigger you. Fritz Springmeyer has a few books on this subject I believe, so if you feel this truly fits your situation I recommend reading his material very cautiously and neutrally do NOT overdue it. Mind Control victims usually have self destruct programming layered in and it can be activated by this information, so that is why I recommend having a support system in place, someone you can speak with about this who will not judge you and who has educated them self on Multiple Personality Disorder and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

Aside from working to educate yourself further I say keep a very active journal and write EVERYTHING in it, all you remember and dreams too as all of these play a part in helping your conscious mind to integrate the very traumatic realizations that discovering you are a victim of this type of abuse involves. As far as finding a community to support you, I am afraid that rarely works out and at this point in time victims are pretty much on their own struggling to recover without much support. You can find therapists that are aware of this, but, you have to look for them. There is not justice or acknowledgement currently available for our population and most people who are also mind control victims will have programming to attack or reject others looking for or presenting answers and information as what you do can trigger them and vice versa.

I do facilitate a support group with Miesha Johnson from and our group is specifically for MK Ultra, Monarch, Super soldier, Ritual Abuse/ Multiple personality survivors. If you would like to find out more about this and join, you will need to fill out a questionaire first. This screening process helps me keep out persons who do not truly belong in the group, so that members are safe and all your answers will be kept confidential. If you would like more info you can email me personally at: