Unity Consciousness-

Authentic me…..no masks, real thoughts, no desire to offend divide or attack only address some deep concepts. I share these things out of my real desire to connect, share and receive NOT position myself as anyone’s leader or ask you to change your mind on account of my own. I have already been exposed to the Good vrs. Bad mentality at length and feel it is actually able to be transcended by shifting your perspective to one of true UNITY- which I define as making use of all experiences and energies for the higher cause not judging it. My experience is that by simply viewing these experiences as such you decrease the frequency of attack by them completely.

If you agree with what I am saying from your own personal experience, I am VERY interested in your detailed comments- this is my first time being open about a lot of this and so I am very curious if anyone else I am friends with is approaching or reading a “similar page” in their own book of spiritual and personal awakening. If you disagree completely I am also interested in your perspective IF you have something to say that I did not consider already or you really think would present an angle to me that is presently hidden the by all means please share. Serious additions to my reality and knowledge are always welcome by me if your perspectives could be transforming or enlightening ❤


Pic of a Liquid Fire Light Being from Aldebaran


This is a picture I took of myself using my camera phone one day. I was trying to project my pent  up feelings of rage and anger over being used as an MILAB experiment and having my personality split on purpose. When I looked at the picture it was not just me, but, also a field of what looks like liquid fire and you can see in the bottom right hand corner the face of a being also looking into the camera at an angle. If you imagine my earring is about where his third eye (center of forehead) would be, then you will see what looks like two eyes, possible forehead or brow- like differentiation and a slit-like mouth.

At the time that I took the picture I had never seen a being like that clearly, before, and was not sure if it was the firey masculine side of myself, that I had somehow projected unintentionally. (As an MILAB I have parts that were trained to do astral warfare and other metaphysical functions that I had no desire to consciously participate in.) So, I did not know what to think at first. However, after the Winter Solstice 2012, I had a HUGE healing and transformation and I was in the company of many different types of intelligences over an 8 week period. It was during that time, at one of my highest levels of consciousness that I was able to connect with “family feeling” intelligences from Aldebaran whom I have connections with and when I saw the being whom I was communicating with in my inner vision he looked like this guy from my picture, his humanoid shaped head seemed more defined than in the picture- but, aside from that it was spot on!