Unity Consciousness-

Authentic me…..no masks, real thoughts, no desire to offend divide or attack only address some deep concepts. I share these things out of my real desire to connect, share and receive NOT position myself as anyone’s leader or ask you to change your mind on account of my own. I have already been exposed to the Good vrs. Bad mentality at length and feel it is actually able to be transcended by shifting your perspective to one of true UNITY- which I define as making use of all experiences and energies for the higher cause not judging it. My experience is that by simply viewing these experiences as such you decrease the frequency of attack by them completely.

If you agree with what I am saying from your own personal experience, I am VERY interested in your detailed comments- this is my first time being open about a lot of this and so I am very curious if anyone else I am friends with is approaching or reading a “similar page” in their own book of spiritual and personal awakening. If you disagree completely I am also interested in your perspective IF you have something to say that I did not consider already or you really think would present an angle to me that is presently hidden the by all means please share. Serious additions to my reality and knowledge are always welcome by me if your perspectives could be transforming or enlightening ❤

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  1. Jesse
    Dec 22, 2013 @ 09:14:54

    In the land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is NOT King, contrary to popular opinion. The power-paradigm in the Land of the Blind is favored heavily toward the sightless, ergo the One-Eyed Man has no real advantage. He/she would be institutionalized, drugged, and given “therapy” in order to remove from them such concepts as “red” or “blue”, “light” or “dark”. Crazy is a term defined by the majority. Over the last decade, I have learned more about existence from “schizophrenics” than I could over a hundred lifetimes among the blind. I would love to go further into detail, however I only have access to the web while at work, and there are things I KNOW that I cannot share with anyone outside the small circle in which these things were experienced. In fact, I ran across your blog while searching for more insight into those experiences. It took less than three minutes of listening to you to know that you can easily understand that which I cannot convey to others, so I’ll quit digitally blathering now and return to your blog(s)….peace.


    • Tu'Takana
      Jan 03, 2014 @ 16:00:11

      Feel free to email me @ tu.takana@yahoo.com or to be my friend on Facebook. I agree about sckizophrenics- they often times are tapped into multidimensional realities and confused, or unable to ground, express or understand what they perceive and then like you say- the way they re treated, drugging, hospitals etc..it is trauma and inhumane mostly. I know because, I was in that situation for most of my life and have had to heal myself from such severe psychological damage it is considered impossible- but it is not and i am doing it. I am not schizophrenic, although, my own family members treated me like i was simply because, I used words and concepts they were uneducated about. The damage to my credibility, employability and self security was immense. The torture and trauma I suffered in this country is horrendous and people need to wake up to it I think. We need major reform in this area.


  2. Jesse
    Dec 23, 2013 @ 00:44:46

    Hey, Me again….
    Just now got thru your video blog that I started viewing earlier. SO much to say, where to start? How about telling you what happened when I first started watching. I work in Master Control at a television station here in Red Earth turf. When I began reading what you had to say (last night, this morning, whatever), I saw my own words and concepts coming from another sentient being and it was EXCITING! So exciting, in fact, that every chakra opened up and I could feel the “Flow” (as I’ve called it, the Force would also work) coursing thru me like whitewater. About three minutes into your video, one of our transmitters blew, taking us off the air. Obviously, I had to deal with my duties at the time to get us back on, and that pretty much took up any free time I had. Was it a coincidence? Could have been, but I don’t think so, considering all the improbable events that have occurred in and around my life (I could write an entire book about them). I’m more inclined to believe that either I was overamped, psychically, or another force acted to distract me away for a bit. I’d like to hear what you think.

    Next, since you insist, I’d like to challenge your assertion that, simply put, all offspring love their mother. While the spiritual dynamics you describe (vis-a-vis Lilith) do seem sound, and I will contemplate them further, a casual review of human history and mythology reveals cultures replete with incidents of both matricide and patricide. And I am presume that you are quite familiar with the concept of “as above, so below.” That being said, it would seem that embodying one force in order to ward off or dissuade a similar force, still leaves one open to the renegade(s) of the bunch.

    My own spiritual quests have led me to discover my own Trinity within. There are three different aspects of my Self of which I am completely aware, and of which I can (and must) jump in and out of in order to expand my perceptions. They are all still me, nothing foreign. There is the Me that asks the question, whatever it may be. Then, there is the Me that answers the question. Thirdly, there is the Me that observes the interaction between the two. Quite similar to the archetype (I love that you use that word!) of the angel and the demon sitting on one’s shoulders. You spoke of inner personalities,and I wonder if this approach will aid you in any way. Please let me know. Meanwhile, this is the approach I will use while meditating on the concepts mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

    I have spent decades walking this path, alone for the most part, looking for SOMEONE to tell me exactly what’s going on and why I perceive the world so differently than almost every other human I encounter. I’ve only recently accepted the fact that there is no mentor for me, and that I am here to figure it out pretty much on my own. Ironic, but not unexpected, that once I’ve reached that point, I run across someone like you. Experience would highly suggest that it happened that way because I was harboring preconceived notions that needed to be purged, else it would just be a waste of both of our time and energy.

    Again, I am really, really excited to have finally run across your insights. It’s a bit difficult to keep my conscious mind on my worldly duties, as I have so many questions, insights, and observations that I would love to share and contrast to yours. FYI, it goes deeper than “good vs evil”, or “light vs dark.” The core conflict can best be described, from my perspective as “Is vs Isn’t” The Abyss vs the All. I have become familiar with the Abyss, its nature, and its necessity. There are some who have told me I am one of the Morning Stars. Don’t know if that’s true or not, but it would help explain my preternatural understanding of the Nothing. I keep telling myself that I’m not, as that is EXACTLY what my Ego self wants to hear, and that part of Me is volatile and dangerous. Perhaps your knowledge will help me keep it in check.

    I look forward to learning more, and would love to communicate one on one some day, if that’s acceptable to you. Til then…peace.


    • Tu'Takana
      Jan 03, 2014 @ 15:55:17

      Thank you for your comments! Great points too about the matricide and genocide 🙂 I didn’t record this with any forethought, just thoughts all up for examination and transformation. I certainly don;t claim to know everything or want to be anyone;s mentor. All I want to impart is truly an example of freedom, freedom to explore, to express and to address these subjects treated with such taboo. In 6 mos I imagine much of what I thought seemed true for me when I recorded this will also have transformed in some way, perhaps completely- I never know much except that I am always learning more and always realizing how much I do not know.

      I like the way you describe your inner processes too- I exist in a similar fashion. There are many mes inside and I guess that is why rectifying this false bad vrs. good paradigm is so important to me- I realize it is much more than that and I at this point in time I also am perceiving it in a manner that sounds similar to what you describe. The Abyss and the Cosmic Tree with its’ shadow……like yourself I do not have a mentor. I think it is probably up to us to restore ourselves and help one another without judgment as much as possible. Most “leaders” in the spiritual I have found are just caught in the polarity light vrs dark and it just perpetuates the split within me so I guess that is why I share, since it helps me to know I am not alone I am glad I could do the same for you and others.My role is to share- not convince, and to constantly be learning more so that in the future I share more and perpetuate this cycle- not to push others, not to sway or persuade just to be here for people like you meant to find me, so that we can challenge and support one another in a loving way! And I rarely believe in coincidences 🙂


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